We are shaman. When we need healing we go to the earth.

When we pray for our world and each other we go to the earth.

When we feel called to offer gratitude to the one who sustains and provides for us always, the one who gives us everything we need to live & sustain our lives - our bodies, sustenance, nourishment, shelter, balance and more - and we wish to bow to her, we go and bow to the earth.

When we need to gather to dance and sing, laugh and celebrate, we go to the earth.


When my personal search for the mother who would fill my heart and soul forevermore

with deep unconditional mother's nurturing, safety, strength, presence, wisdom, peace and tender love

something I had never known before

when that search was finally over

after many lonely moons and many long cold dark barren human seasons,

I finally found her.

And she restored me.

She is the Earth.

alexa major, surya karuna 11.3.16 


These simple reflections are dedicated to the restoration, reforestation & full honoring and protection of our magnificent, miraculous and precious life-sustaining, generous and living-breathing Sacred Mother, Gaia Earth.

May our humanity evolve to become a restorer species rather than a consumer species .

And may we learn swiftly

to live like conscious sane beings, who take only what they need

and also replenish and restore what we take

Honoring Her Divinity and complex life sustaining systems

and all Her beauty and bounty.

She is a living soul. 

Tree of Wisdom , Grandmother Earth - artist unknown

PhotoCredit - Eagle/Image: found on Pinterest via GoogleImages - photographer unknown 

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 May we be at peace
May our hearts stay open
May we remember the light of our own true nature
May we and all beings be completely healed

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