We need a new vacuum cleaner. Currently, we have an upright bagless thing that continually gets clogged with dog hair, etc. It's also heavy which makes it hard to lug up and down stairs. When it does get blocked up, it loses its power to clean. I don't know what to get to replace it with but anything has to be better than what we've got.

Our vacuum cleaner, in an odd way, is sort of like my life journey. When I get clogged with junk, I lose my power. Sometimes I feel so heavy and weighed down that it seems impossible to get upstairs and I have no idea what's next on my path. It seems I'm constantly "un-clogging" or removing those things in my life which block my power. When I am at my best, my power and strength is free-flowing and there is nothing I can't handle. I also feel light and full of energy and at 100% capacity.

There's nothing worse than feeling like an old vacuum cleaner and that life sucks. (Get it, "sucks"?)

Today may you feel powerful, full of energy, unburdened and at 100% capacity. Keep on Hoovering!

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Comment by mystykandy on October 13, 2008 at 10:47pm
i too understand the old bag feeling. im only 52 and keep getting bad news from my doc , something new every year for the last 10 years it seems. but my determination is to see it thru and have my life back, heart surgery looming, my beliefe is i will be awake and have energy again when it is over with.
now as for a vaccuum, do you have a freecycle on your internet for your town or your area.? you would look up www.freecyclegroups.com and then search for your town or some near you. we have one and get good working newer usable things all the time. you can give away and get. check it out its a great way to recycle and savr the land fills .if you dont have one check into starting one for your area, everyone has something thery dont want to throw out but wiash they could do something with that would be useful.
well have a great day. thank you for being here.
Comment by Alexa on October 12, 2008 at 6:52pm
I agree with you. It's the cleaning out of ourselves that we also need to attend to in order to keep moving ahead. And speaking for myself, sometimes it still just sucks! But God knows how much better I am b/c of it. And it does feel good to clean out and reach those higher levels. Now if I can only reach the plateau and stay there awhile longer! Guess I'm getting there too. It's a journey, ain't it? This is cool, Eric!

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