I realized, early on during this current election process, that this race is fruitless. One side accuses the other of something, the other side responds and on and on it goes. I'm reminded of a torando. First the clouds gather, then the winds get stronger, then there is a funnel cloud that leaves a path of destruction in its wake.

Issue based political races went the way of the do-do bird years ago. Now, it's about whoever shouts the loudest must be telling the truth. It's become a grim morality play that will not have a happy ending.

The only things I see coming from this race are hatred and fear. It scares me when one candidate holds a rally and the gathered supporters begin to shout aloud "Terrorist" and "Kill Him" in reference to the other candidate.

Whatever happened to the maxims we learned in Kindergarden "Play Nice", "Share" and "Don't Pick on Each Other"? People lost sight of that when they met someone different than them. They became unsure which led to fear which led to hatred.

I realize this isn't a political web site. However, my point is there is a desperate need to return to "Play Nice". The only way I see to get there is through awakening, recovery and reclaiming the fundamentals we learned when we were children

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Comment by Alexa on October 10, 2008 at 4:37pm
You said it! Wouldn't it be great if those politicians really took stock of themselves and their own recoveries, aka, their own reactions? Nice post.

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