Oh how attached we have become to this word and the many things it has come to stand for!

In the beginning Bang created the heavens and the earth and all that has resulted since. So reads the evolutionary genesis. You and I are the result of an event and a process. The creationist has no problem with this view, except that it makes process and events accidental, incidental and unintended. The creationist is certain from his or her observation and experience that intention always precedes events and process in human affairs. Are creationists and evolutionists to be enemies over the obvious fact that designs have designers? Only when they have nothing better to discuss. Can they be unified somehow?

The fact is, there is unity in many other areas. Hire an evolutionist to speak at a public event and he will gladly accept as payment, paper IOUs which bear the words "In God We Trust". The reason he will accept a currency which bears a motto he may not support, is the social contract he has with all the world which values dollars as a convenient medium of exchange and redemption. In essence, U.S. currency is advertising for one called God. If there is no God, what difference can advertising make? Of course, false advertising is fraud which causes people to be deceived about many things, so it must be immoral. "In God We Trust" is false advertising for modern America as well. If modern America trusted in God, there would be no government department called Homeland Security. Instead there would be a Department of Peace. A Department of Love. A Department of Righteousness.

Arguments over the influence of Christianity or religion on government are fruitless occupations. Every evolutionist must admit that her understanding, knowledge, observations and some experience are the result of someone's intention. Yet those calling for the separation of church and state, or God and state, are correct for this time. America, in great majority, has clearly rejected the Christian God, His laws, statutes and judgments, in favor of those which seem good to professional lawgivers from every generation. The separationists are supported by scripture as well. The end of the age is characterized by the separation of wheat from chaff, wheat from tares, fruitful from barren, profitable from unprofitable, righteous from wicked. A certain separation of money masters and money servants. A righteous revolution.

The faithful see two great commandments summarize ten. One commandment summarizes the two. Love. America rejects love. Fear is the American god. What will people think? What will people say? What will happen to us? What will happen to me and the few I have chosen to love? What do the polls say? The faithful will live the will of their God to the best of their understanding. The rest will struggle with the instability of double mindedness against the stability of single mindedness. The faithful will continue to be deceived by the wolves among the flock and will reap unintended consequences. Curses instead of expected blessing. The faithless will continue to be deceived by all who rule in their name and will reap the same unintended consequences. This is one more unifying factor.

Scripture tells us "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." The scripture says there comes a day when knowledge is increased but does not say salvation is the result. Knowledge is foundational to understanding. Understanding is foundational to wisdom. When knowledge is lacking there is no possibility of understanding or wisdom. This is evident in cliches which say; "Ignorance is bliss." "What you don't know can't hurt you." Such is the common wisdom of these times. Those who know not presume to instruct those who know. Those who know begin to doubt their knowledge in order to please the ignorant teachers. People are destroyed, whether wicked or righteous, born or unborn.

Corporate, Babylonian power - the worshipers of gold, have a unifying power as well. They discount the lives and souls of all who labor under deliberate delusion and the consumers on whom it depends for its economic and political power. That is, corporate power we all serve, is and always has been ungrateful for its profit and power. Their power is seen by them as a historical entitlement and natural consequence of public disinterest. To whatever extent they convince us more is better, we worship at their altar, regardless of our professions of faith.

America is not at war to spread the Gospel or democracy. America is at war because war is good for business and always has been. Preparation for war is good for business. Why prepare for war except to engage in war? How else can we develop the military leadership necessary to our national security? Is the old enemy vanquished? Then we must have a new enemy, or two, or many. Ones we cannot defeat are more valuable than ones we can and we are finding them in growing numbers, cunning and military strength. Profit never ending, amen. The dead and the injured are but one cost of doing business. Most know this and accept it, however grudgingly. A rejection of love, its God and its power.

The great servants of corporate power stand before us and proclaim their faith. Those who put no difference between words and works place their selves in the service of those who utter the right words and become partakers of their plagues. Consequences be damned. We trivialize fundamental truth and elevate the trivial to national and global debate. Forget about love, protect traditional marriage. Forget about cleaning up the messes we have made, make more. Forget about squandering finite resources, consume, consume, consume. Consume the frauds. Consume the wildlife. Consume the water, fire, air and earth. Consume the faith. Consume the news. Consume the politics. Consume the crime. Consume the symbols. Consumption never ending, amen. Consumption has become our truth, our life and our way.

We shall be consumed. We shall be consumed. We shall be consumed some day. Deep in my heart, I do believe, we will be consumed some day. Build big bombs, make big bangs. Consume many at once. Better yet, hire, command and demand others do it for you. More is better - our new golden rule. Bang. BANG!
Let us daily increase in: wisdom, love, gratitude, reverence, healing, peace, joy, happiness, laughter and prosperity.

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