I just wrote a blog entry about trust. When I was finished, I went through the motions of posting it and nothing happened. Now I think it's lost. As a result, I'm frustrated. It's silly how such a minor thing like not being able to publish a blog because my computer didn't work right, can make a relatively good day seem gray. I guess it means my thoughts about trust weren't ready to be shared yet. You know though, as I re-read what I just wrote, it really strikes me how the little, non-consequential things do effect our attitude. It's like I'm listening to myself say "I COULDN"T PUBLISH MY BLOG. HOW TERRIBLE." and I find my self laughing at the absurdity of it. What's even sillier are the behaviors I would engage in when things like this would happen. Now, I feel better, the world isn't ending AND maybe this was the blog post I was supposed to write.

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