Every morning one of our dogs stands next to the bed and very gingerly places her chin on the edge about an inch from my face. She is very quiet and doesn't do anything until I stir and open my eyes. At that point, she greets me with a single "slurp" on the tip of my nose. Every morning she makes me smile. Our practice at that point is to get out of bed, let her out and feed her a snack for breakfast.

I think it's amazing the lessons we can learn from animals. She patiently waits until I open my eyes and then very simply says "good morning" with a single lick. She knows she's going to be let out and she knows she's going to get some food. Granted that's the only time during the day she is patient but she has learned "If I am quiet and I wait, I'll get a response."

I find my journey for healing closely follows the same routine. Most times, I find with patience, I not only get what I need, I get what I want. I just have to remember to be patient.

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Comment by Alexa on October 21, 2008 at 4:49pm
This is such a great example of how recovery is a teacher on our spiritual paths. You know what the Buddah says: "The reward of patience is patience." Thank you for the reminder today!

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