2013: Humanity Births a new Awareness

"Time to Remember the Agreement"
By Flo Aeveia (with the help of some friends)
From the beginning of the Free Will Experiment, at the "beginning" of earth time, humanity has carried a design of union within. Living in prosperity and abundance, manifesting from the Heart of the One, and bringing a peaceful planet into existence is part of the intricacy of that design.

The coordinates of that design have now been unleashed through a series of conscious and super-conscious charges that have opened doorways astrologically and planetarily. These doorways are subtle and provide links to the innate design within each of us that is ready to unfold. These links are important to cultivate and acknowledge, as they spontaneously are provided to all of us so that we can equally, collaboratively, and in dedicated unification, bring our vision and the design of union forward.

The interesting imperative to contemplate here is the concept 'spontaneously.' We must do it TOGETHER. It makes sense then that in the planning of the Grand Design there would be a stipulation that reads something like the following:

Upon Entering A Human Existence, Please Note That Everyone And Everything  Seen, Felt, Tasted, Heard, Experienced, Believed, Trusted, Not Trusted, Related With Or Denied Is  
Your Mission, Should You Decide To Accept It, Is To Learn This, Unconditionally.

So, it certainly feels that we are in a new time. We have passed the gateway--astrology and mythology have had their say--and here we are again. Facing ourselves in the mirror. We have to look at ourselves, because no matter what, it is up to each of us to act now as if we do unconditionally know the rules of the game.                  There is no other and we are already one!

If you are like me, you have been waiting for the "stuff" to pass away, to disappear and leave you full of light (or love, or kindness, patience, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance), or whatever will provide that deeply longed for sense of oneness. Ah, to stop the mind's judgement and perseverance. To be open and present always. To know that there is no other--to really know it! That's the dream.

If the dream is in all of us. If the way to get to live this dream is to unconditionally recognize that there is no ME, and if we have to do this TOGETHER, where do we start? If we know that this is the way to live what we all yearn for, and that now is the time, what does the intricacy of our design point to? Where is the doorway and how do we access it?

I was just listening to Joy Melchezidek's Podcast, and she said something that might be applied here. Joy said that if you breathe with something, you connect with it. When you connect with it, then you go wherever you want to go: up into the heavens, down into the earth, within ourselves, or without--to connect with a person or principle or aspect. She said that Unity is in the breathe.

Since I am looking for a way to bring it all together, to stop all suffering, and to provide deeper, more loving and grounded relationships with everything in my life, I am going to try Joy's suggestion. What happens when I breathe with someone or something instead of going into my mind and identifying my issue or opinion about whatever it is? What would happen if we all breathed together, particularly when we know that we are "off" a bit, or seeing someone as "other", or judging or separating. What would happen if we all did a unifying breath instead of..........?

We all want this to be over, this separating life experience we are all having. Maybe if we do the unifying with our breathe, then we can all together, spontaneously (almost) breathe and connect, and become one with, join with, collaborate with, settle into, or rest within each 'other', and dissolve the ME into the YOU, and get ONE. I'm going to give it a try.

And of course, when we are in the One, breathing as One and Remembering Oneness, our design unfolds spontaneously because our mind is not in the way.  We live the knowing of who we really are, understand fully why we have come, and then can live the truth of union, unconditionally.
This might just be what we've been searching for--a simple way to live in oneness! How exciting, inspiring, and uplifting!
This is my New Year's Resolution. Hope YOU will join ME!


2013: HUMANITY BIRTHS A NEW AWARENESS http://conta.cc/Rn4jDg



Thank you to my dear dear friends and soul family @ Soul Support Systems, Flo and Joy and The Ones with No Names

xx Alexa


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