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I have been away for some time.  One would hope that in the time I have been away, I was enjoying my newly manifested "beautiful life".  Sadly, this was hardly the case.  My life has spiraled desperately out of control.  In a strange twist of fate, I hit rock bottom and have not been able to find anyone in the…


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I have worked so hard to manifest a "beautiful life".  There were many times I wanted to quit.   Many times I felt like a failure and wanted to give up.  Many times, I actually gave up.  But I always came back to the life I wanted to create.  Reaffirming my visions, wants and desires.  What else was there to do?  I can't very well lie down and give up on life. …


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Happy 2011!

This is going to be my best year EVER!  I can feel it!


When journaling this morning, I wrote "I'm on the verge of something wonderful" and this song came to…


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I Will Greet This Day With Love in My Heart.....

Og Mandigo's Scroll II from the "Greatest Secret in the World"


Working my way through this book in…


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Reflections on Divorce

As I sit here alone on Thanksgiving Day, I am reflecting, recharging, and rejoicing.

Since I divorced a little over three years ago, the holidays have been a particularly painful time for me. This season will be different.

When I chose to end my 15 year union, I had visions of a new and beautiful life for myself. I had a picture in my mind's eye of how it was to play out. All I have experienced since…


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A Journey Into the Depths of Guilt

"Guilt is a cognitive or an emotional experience that occurs when a person …


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Peace of Mind

Make peacefulness your highest priority. Commit to taking steps to ensure peace of mind, and take those steps without delay.

Peace of mind isn't something you have to earn or acquire, since your true self is already peaceful. Instead, it requires being like a sculptor with a block of marble, who works with this material until…


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When Love Turns Toxic


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Miracle Healing AGAIN!

Having consulted my "cards" for an area to focus on today, I drew the same card that I drew yesterday and often times in the past.

Miracle Healing.....

I think the nature spirits are conveying something loud and clear.…


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Nightmares v. Dreams

I have been plagued by nightmares the past week or so. Coming to the realization that the romantic relationship I was in had turned destructive and was taking a measurable toll on me emotionally and psychologically..... I decided to walk away yesterday.

I had the sweetest dream last night.…


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Walking Walking Walking

I am finally letting go of a damaging relationship. The relationship itself is beautiful and the man is definately as close to a soul mate as one can get. However, it (the relationship) has stripped my self esteem and caused me incredible pain.

So I surrender to the Universe.

I am moving on.

No dramatic final blow-up. Just a simple act of fading away.

I am too special to give myself…


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Drowning and the Disease of Perfectionism

So this is how I feel this morning. I am overwhelmed. I feel like I am drowning in clutter and overwhelmed by missed deadlines (both at home and at work).

I have (am) reading books on organization, effectiveness, meditation, healthy living. And here I sit on the edge of my life. Like trying to jump into a game of "double dutch"…


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Surrender and Letting Go.....

Embarking on a journey to spend more time with my boys by getting to have them with me every other week, I have become paralyzed my fear. The legal path has already been initiated, and now it is a waiting game. The waiting is hard, and after 13 years of mental abuse, makes me physically ill.

My fairy card today speaks of letting…


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Today (and every day going forward) it is safe for me to be powerful! I have all the power of the Universe flowing through me and supporting me.

I now allow myself to experience and express my true power. It is safe for me to be powerful.

My power comes from a…


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Breaking Free

Today I am "breaking free". I am no longer hiding behind my guilt and shame. I am doing everything in my power to fix things with my boys. What I have done is in my past. I am focused now on my future with my boys. How was I to know that when I moved out of the house, my x would keep me from my boys for three LONG years. I had no idea, the guilt and shame this would cause me.…


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Starting from the bottom up.....

Feeling quite overwhelmed in my life today..... I took a step back. I needed a plan. I feel like my life is in Chaos most of the time. So instead of going into work today, to play catch up. I decided to take the day completely off (the only day off I would have this week). I curled up in bed and went through my emails (2000 in my inbox!), and two organization books (one home and one time…


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New Day.... New Life....


  • I gather myself
  • I tap into my power
  • I am patient
  • I am driven
  • I am loved…

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The Art of Being Alone!

I just wanted to throw this topic out because I sense that I am not the only one to be in this position.....

I willingly (after YEARS of contemplation) walked away from a 15 year marriage, about 2 years ago. The marriage was not bad, but I wanted a happiness that I knew I would never experience with my ex-husband.

This thread is not to discuss whether the decision to leave was right or not .... but… Continue

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A Beautiful Dog in Need of Rescue


This beautiful dog needs our help!!!!!! Is there anyone in the area that can step in until we can get the logistics together to get the dog rescued?

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Kick Up Your Heels!

Kick Up Your Heels!!!!“Your soul longs to celebrate and have fun. … You are urged to call your friends for a get-together or an evening out.”

“There is always something to celebrate. … Your soul longs for an exciting adventure, such as an out-of-town trip, throwing a party, or kicking up your heels and going dancing. Sometimes we procrastinate when it comes to personal time-outs, believing that such activities… Continue

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