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I working on it,,,I really am.

This is me, always working on something, always going to become, always going to do,,,but they are just words. Well I finally registered to receive my Masters Degree in Education. WOW it took 30 years, but who is counting.

Incomplete projects, I had so many, Some were decided because I thought I wanted to have a million dollar internet business or I wanted to become an accountant, or have my own tax practice, or run my own day care, or , or ,or, just fill in the blanks. You get my… Continue

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Just at a glance

Just at a glance I read the word "Fear" Why do people run from Fear, the dread of the word causes us to cringe to avoid. But when I read that we should welcome fear in our life. Wow. that is shocking. To live life in a state of fear. False evidence appearing real as it is so stated. To worry about things that may not happen. However if you focus on that fear it is sure to happen. Unconsciously we focus on the negative instead of the positive. For instance the state of our nation. The recession,… Continue

Added by Iris on August 27, 2009 at 11:59pm — 2 Comments

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