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there are no bombs, guns and bullets in heaven

There are no bombs, guns or bullets in heaven,

Peace is within our grasps

A painting says a thousand words, I think this one dose and I would leave the painting to speak for itself but there are things in it that may need explanation so I will tell you how it as developed.

The painting there are no bombs, gun or bullets in heaven was born in my head in 1987, then it was just this idea of painting the crucifixion of Christ, I did want…


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a prophet is born


Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.


Who am I?, that’s seems to me to be a good place to start, I am a spirit living as a male human being on earth, why I say as a male human being is because we have no sex as a…


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The lambs are all being looked after in different pastures, open the gates so they can all come together so the good shepherd can count is flock.

You got churches for gay people, churches for Christians, Jews and Gentiles, seeks, Catholics, Baptist, born again Christians, Spiritualist and many more. I go to any church I am drawn to or even a new church any friend would invite me to, but most of the time I go to… Continue

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prophecies 2010


Well in trance on 19 December 2009 Brian brought through Ishaka Khmer, this is the message Ishaka gave us from the angel he works for, over to Ishaka Khmer.

“He say you watch things come true, the word is the light without the word there is nothing. You will see things come true, this is the prophecy. When it comes true you will no this is the truth, this is the word of the Lord….the sea will flood the land….the rain will come….great cities will be… Continue

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lost souls

Part 1


I am writing this for the peoples of the world to contemplate, some will believe what I say, some will not it up to you to listen and make up your own mind. Spirits that are here on earth are sometimes called ghost so lets just take a moment to look at the ghost as they are know, bumping about in old house, even moving objects about or even turning things on and of, some of these things can be explained as our family or friends that have past just… Continue

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On the 24th September and over three weeks later than I planned I packed my back pack and said "right I'm off now", I had no idea how long I would be gone. I walked to the corner of the street and back again. Ten minutes later I walked back in the front door with the greeting" hi I’m back", the backpack was too heavy and I needed to lighten my load. Taking half the clothing out, well all the shirts leaving me with just one change of clothes, I set off again about an hour later.… Continue

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Empower yourself by reading on.

After righting the covenant I decided to tell how I see things are with me and spirit, this is hard for me to live like this as I am human but I still try, sometimes I do fall by the way side, how will become more clear as you read through my text. I have lived on the earth plane more than once or twice, in fact I do believe I started as far back as Atlantis, I have been a native American, and a monk, time… Continue

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Written for earchildren the tribe (on face book)

I have been a spiritual healer for 17 years, or perhaps longer as I have been told by mediums, I am in the process of writing my autobiography, I am nowhere near the end of my book, but feel that the following section should be shared with everyone now. Allowing others to take something from it to make a difference I the world as I feel I have been able to do. This is how it will read in the book

The Covenant

I am… Continue

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Well all the reports are in all about the new earth energise, people complaining about aching feet and the like, well where as this new energy left me, up until now on the side lines and not a lot to say, as I have said I have read a lot of messages coming over the phone lines to my computer, some I have taken on board others have left me board. If you are in tune with the energise that are out there you will have noticed the change and already made up your own minds. I… Continue

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Well there’s one for you, what’s it all about ?, well we have been told its all to do with being one with god, in Christ case he ascended into heaven. Now I have been told that we all go to heaven, even the bad people go to heaven so why so much fuss about ascension to my way of thinking it should be a walk in the park. I have been involved in the spiritualist movement for a good many years now so I have taken on some off the teachings to come from the movement. One… Continue

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Holidays are fun if you can avoid stress before hand, if you cant avoid the stress why bother with the holiday. Well are holiday was stress three as I had three days to get ready. Camping can be fun if you got all the right equipment, first the tent had to be dragged screaming out from the attic were it had been put before cherry moved in to the house, about ten years ago, any way out of the attic it came. Next put it up and see if it is all there. O k the poles are split… Continue

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