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New Moon Gemini

Shifting with support from the full Gemini Moon, A wonderful meditation message for tonite's full moon & month.

Info from HeatherAsh Amara


"Today, November 28th, is the full moon in Gemini. There is also a Lunar Eclipse. This lunar eclipse offers us a chance to look at…

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Do you have the Ascension Flu?


The Ascension Flu: The change is almost here
Friday, 23 November…

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Four Winds Society: Message for Dec 21+ and How to Build an Altar

"The East direction is represented by eagle and condor, who bring vision, clarity, and foresight. Eagle perceives the entire panorama of life without becoming bogged down in its details." Shaman…

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How to Practice Blessings of Gratitude in challenging times

I wrote the book "Blessings of Gratitude" because I have experienced how blessing and being

grateful for everything has given me the strength

and courage to move through difficult times with a positive attitude and helped

me to overcome my fears. Through these blessings…


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Thanksgiving Around the World

Saying Grace: Mealtime Blessings Around the World 

    Whether we bow our heads over pasta or pad thai, giving thanks connects us not only with a higher power, but with each other. …


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A Love Note to the Highly Sensitive Soul

A Love Note to the “Hyper-Sensitive” and “Takers-of-it-Too-Personally” by Randi Buckley
This post is inspired by a Facebook query and conversation with the deeply insightful and thoughtful, Erika…

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Message for Tired Lightworkers: Pampering Your Body Heart and Soul

A Message (and Massage) for Lightworkers :)


Are you a LW who is currently feeling the 'tired'? You are not alone. And good! You are so going to enjoy this next part....



As 2012…


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Beautiful Inspiration for today

I feel part of the universe open up to meet me
My emotion so submerged,…

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Healthy Practice: The Healing Power of Movement and Dance


"Three of the most profound healing elements on Earth are sound, rhythm and touch.  They are the most primal forces we humans resonate with, regardless of gender, age and culture.  A warm, reassuring touch or the sound of…


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Election Night Prayer

My prayer is simple, my prayer is for peace and freedom and kindness and respect for all people. We are All God's children. ♥ Doesn't that make us brothers/sisters?

I don't mind if someone…

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Honoring Our Ancestors


I created a day of the dead altar to the ancestors this week honoring two special four-legged souls that touched my and my husband's life with such love. And I subsequently…


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