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Happy Blue Moon and Beautiful Star Ceremony

Happy Blue Moon! a wonderful piece from our friends at Go Gratitude

Yes, tonite, on Aug 31st, on August 31, 2012 the Blue Moon is rising, Beloveds.   Along with it, a powerful Gateway of Fiery change is opening. In the Heavens and in our…

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A Practice from Pema

A Lojong teaching: Two Activities: One at the Beginning, One at the End

  "At the beginning of your day when you wake up, express your aspiration: "May I practice the three difficulties. May I see what I do. When it happens, may I do something different, and may that be a way of life for me." At the beginning of your day, using your own…


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Teach Us, and Show Us the Way


We call upon the creatures of the fields and forests and the seas, our brothers and sisters the wolves and the deer, the eagle and dove, the great whales and the dolphin, the beautiful Orca and salmon who share our northwest home, and we ask them to:

Teach us, and show us the way. 


- Chinnok Blessing Litany, photo by Erik George…


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For the Love of a Dolphin

Ever go to a dolphin show? Think about what it's like from their perspective. The too-small cement enclosures echo their incredible sonar back to them at unbearable levels. and they are unable to swim the hundreds of miles they are by nature meant to swim each day.

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Don't Take Anything Personally: Handling Petty Tyrants

Today's Practice: Don't take anything personally. Not even your own thoughts.

Is there a petty tyrant in your life who seemingly blocks your experience of peace? Maybe a relative, a coworker, someone in your life whose words or behavior 'makes' you feel angry, hurt, afraid, invalidated,…


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I am a Changing Woman Goddess - Are You?

This Changing Woman - Are you a Changing Woman Goddess?
Every now and again I come across something so beautiful and timely I feel compelled to share it. This is one of them. Dedicated to my soul and my soul…

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A Note from Kabir

This morning I went looking for my Buddah Nature. Buddah Nature, I asked, where have you gone?
This is what I found. ... a note from Kabir

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