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I have been reborn


I have just been reborn! (literally!) I graduated this weekend from a 20 hour intensive Shimsung training program and my old life is over! In fact, the day I met my Teacher my…


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Head vs Heart: Why being in your Heart is better than being in you head

A good heart is better than all the heads in the world.Robert Bulwer-Lytton

Why being in your Heart is better than being in you head - by…


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Overcoming F.E.A.R.: False Evidence Appearing Real

Overcoming F.E.A.R.: False Evidence Appearing Real

By Ed and Deb Shapiro


What are you afraid of? How does it make you feel? Instead of letting your fear get the best of you, find out how to fully experience it, name it, get to know…

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Spider Medicine: Definitely


Our grandmother spider is at it again! She is huge and beautiful and definitely calling for our attention. We watch her every night. Had to look up the official medicine. Here it is:

Spider Medicine -- a totem of the feminine

1) Grandmother Spider was the woman who, out of her dreams, created the earth and the people who reside here (energy and the power of creativity). She is known as a great teacher, storyteller, as well as a protector and…


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Spider medicine?


Every evening this week my hubby and I have been watching a rather bulbous spider come out and spin a wonderous web across our back deck. She is so fascinating and it is amazing to watch. She shoots herself (and her web) across from the wall of the house to the posts and the chairs, and you can see her miticulous little "hands" working so fast and hard, and with such precision.. each and every night. In the morning, the web is gone. No doubt (as my hubby describes…


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Forgiving Your Parents

Forgiving our parents is a core task of adulthood, and one of the most crucial kinds of forgiveness. We see our parents in our mates, in our friends, in our bosses, even in our children. When we've felt rejected by a parent and have remained in that state, we will inevitably feel rejected by these important others as…

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Random Acts of Kindness


You are here to serve others, to be a light for them, to participate in their lessons and to help heal humanity. You are also here to serve yourself, to heal your karma, to enable your soul's growth and reconnect to the Source. Your challenge is to find a balance between serving others and yourself so that you can accomplish the tasks that you…


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Polarity Balancing: Embracing our anger

It is 2011 and many of us are feeling a real pull to finish healing or wrapping up certain issues we may have been processing for quite some time now. Myself, I have been working on harmonizing my inner polarities and have come to some real peace with the issues of anger. And you know what is helping me to strengthen and shift the most? It is this: honoring and listening to my anger. …


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Global Harmonic Balance 9.9.11 - Healing our Polarities


9.9.11 11.11 am

Until we understand the duality within ourselves we will project that always outwards onto others.

...Our inner duality consists of the conscious beliefs and the…

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God, it's now in your box - God Boxes and Surrender Boxes

In 2004 I learned of a wonderful tool. It is also a sacred object. And a sacred space. And it is called a god box. It's a box that you create, can cover or design however you wish, and it is a place where you can put all of your worries, concerns and overwhelms and turn them over to the universe. After spending a disappointingly dysfunctional weekend with my sister and really getting hurt again, I am going to spend an hour or so this afternoon creating a Surrender Box and…


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