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If congress watched this, do you think it would help .. ?


Dalai Lama on Inner Peace, Happiness, God and Money ...

It is amazing to witness the level of fear that the wealthiest few and their supporters are now emminating. to be clear, I believe that money is ok, a good thing even, and something…

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Healing Past Lives

Memories of the Soul

Past Life Regression

The effects of a past life can manifest in your current life in many

ways but should be used as a tool, not an


Inside our subconscious lie our memories from past lives. Though we seldom remember even having lived these past lives, the…


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Within your heart, peace is possible ..

"You hold in your hand an invitation: to remember the transforming power of forgiveness and loving kindness. To remember that no matter where you are and what you face, within your heart peace is possible."
— Jack Kornfield

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Creating Space: letting go of objects

After making a big move to Maryland recently, I am reflecting and enjoying the fact that I have let go of sooo many things!
I wanted and intended my new home to be what I call zen: clear, uncluttered, and only filled with things that fill and feed my current life and happiness. This meant letting go of old clothing that I no longer like or wear, old kitchen items like plates and things I rarely used, and even many of my old once-treasured spiritual and…

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Open Vessel


"Only an empty vessel can be filled."

There is wisdom in not knowing, and it is a wise person who can say, "I don't know." For no one knows everything. There are many types of wisdom - from intellectual to emotional to physical intelligence. Yet, even deemed experts in their fields do not know all there is to know about mathematics, yoga, literature, psychology, or art. It is a true master who professes ignorance, for only an empty vessel can be…


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Working through Silence


I am enjoying the silence more and more. Simply being present with what (or who) is. And the magical thing about it is that I am also laughing more, smiling more, and enjoying the busier side of things more and more too. This is how balance works. Like magic, it harmonizes all things.


For me embracing the silence and whatever "is", whatever feeling, thought, awareness, or other is presenting itself, is all beautiful. It is all life. And it is all…


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You Are the Creator, incarnate


reflections on current energies from World Puja . org

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well. This month I'm keeping it simple and…


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Five Actions

“Panchakarma,” a sanskrit word meaning “five actions,” describes a series of gentle, natural therapies that boost the body’s ability to detoxify and rejuvenate. As an essential part of Ayurveda, India’s ancient holistic system of medicine, it is used to maintain the body’s balance to prevent illness or as the first step in holistic treatment. Panchakarma’s…


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