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Hands Across the Sand

Auroraville, Southeast India

Some photos from the "Hands Across the Sand" vigil happening around the world today…


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Grand Cross Lunar Eclipse June 26

I'm no resident astrologer, but I found this very interesting. There will be an eclipse of the full moon on Saturday, with 7 planets in grand cross formation. Especially in light of the fact that there are 2 global prayer vigils happening for the Gulf on Saturday simultaneously, and on the same day as this rare and powerful astrological event. Some interesting reflections on our emotionality at…


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A Girl and a Dolphin - my own dolphin "tale"

I love this video. It reminds me of my first encounter with a wild dolphin. And of the great love for dolphins we have around the world. Here is a bit about my personal dolphin story and connection with these super conscious, loving beings.

I have swum with wild ocean dolphins four times, free in the ocean, not in captivity. The first was in '95 when I had an intimate one-on-one conversation and sonar session with a large atlantic bottlenose.

We… Continue

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Today's JFF (just for fun): Fun Summer Refresher - Bubbly Lemon Gingerade

Fun Summer Recipe - Bubbly Lemon Gingerade:

(1) 4-inch piece ginger, (2) cups boiling water, (6) teaspoons honey, 1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1 1/2 cups carbonated mineral water -- Peel & slice ginger, combine with boiling water, let stand for 10 mins, then discard ginger. Cool. Add honey & lemon juice, mix well. Pour into glasses, add mineral water, serve over ice.…


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An eye for an eye?

I can't stop thinking about the Gulf animals in the water trying to escape the gushing oil. Gosh, that BP guy is such a creep. He was apparently boycotted from the US, and good riddence! It amazes (shocks) me that these stupid men don't get it at all. Not at all. Their greed and ignorance is astounding. I think we should dip them in the oil and see how they like it. I really do.

Further, why aren't there engineers working 24/7 until they devise the plug? WTF? How do we contact these… Continue

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Sea animals flee oil spill, gathering near shore

Sea creatures flee oil spill, gather near shore…


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Time for One Party - The Human Party

Time for One Party - the Human Party

More "republican" women siding with what's good instead of what's politically platformed.…

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Creating Space in the Body: Why Meditation is Important (and healing)

When we sit down to meditate, we let our bodies know that it is okay to be still and rest.

No Hard Edges

Creating Space In The Body

When our minds are cluttered with too many thoughts and information, our bodies respond by trying to take action.

Our minds and bodies are interconnected, and the condition of one affects the condition of the other. This is why meditation is such a…


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Healing Visualization for the Gulf

A healing visualization for The… Continue

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Re-Framing our Feelings

I learned many years ago that excitement, exhuberance and high levels of creativity can often feel similar to anxiety. But they are, in actuality, the higher energies of feeling good.

None-the-less, managing these sometimes intense emotional and energetic states can be equally challenging.

I love this article today by daily om on translating and re-framing our feelings. They make a great point that even when we do feel the fear or anxiety of starting something new, it can be a… Continue

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Overcoming Addictions

Overcoming Addictions

By Deepak Chopra, MD

Addiction is the number one disease of civilization, and it’s directly and indirectly related to all other diseases

Most human behavior is nothing other than the avoidance of pain and the pursuit of pleasure. Whenever we experience an event, whether it’s a visit to the dentist or going on a joyride at the carnival, our consciousness registers that experience internally on a spectrum with great pain at one end and… Continue

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My Zen Dog, pt. deux

My zen dog Jersey was at it again. Sitting still in the grass, content for moments and moments, watching the breeze move branches against a clear blue sky. Taking it all in. Happy. Easy. Peaceful. Chasing butterflies and catching bees. Life is easy when you are naturally zen.

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10 Questions for the Dalai Lama

ok, so I wrote to HH the Dalai Lama today and asked him a question. I asked: if you weren't raised in a conscious "family" situation, would you still be enlightened? or (having been conditioned differently) would you have had to face the transformation all over again? I assume the answer would be "still enlightened." but would love to also know!! :)

also, was reading some of his (wonderfully jovial) answers to some other things today,…


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My Horoscope for today

Leo (7/23-8/22)

Stop dwelling on your past -- or at least the painful parts of it! You've done your share of that in the past, and how has it worked out for you? Take a good look at your future instead, and think about all the positive things that lie ahead. Find someone you can talk to who can remind you of what you've dealt with before that was pretty worthwhile. It's also a good time to just act like you were born yesterday.

Here… Continue

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