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Today's Meditation

Nature makes 10 million flowers a day. Believe in abundance. Those flowers started as tiny seeds. Believe in miracles. You already are one.

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Sending Love Ahead to Your Day

Days of Affirmation: Sending Love Ahead to Your Day

Upon waking, many people consider the coming day with trepidation. Because of the natural human tendency to focus on what we fear or dislike, it is easy to unwittingly send a message of unease into the future that negatively impacts the quality of your day. However, while our lives are busy and frequently replete with challenges, they are also rich with joy and experiences worth savoring. We… Continue

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Be True to Yourself

When you feel something, feel it! Be true to yourself. This is the energy of Life moving through you. This is the energy of Life moving through me. This is living an authentic life.

Osho says, "Remember to be true to yourself. How? Three things have to be remembered:

One - never listen to anybody, what they say for you to be. Always listen to your own inner voice, what you would like to be. Otherwise, your whole life will be wasted.… Continue

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Michael Jackson, the man and life - feeling great saddness today

As a person who who has connections in both recovery and entertainment I need to say that I am filled with some deeply mixed emotions as I remember the life and work of Michael Jackson today.

Yes, I loved his music, his talent was extraordinary and he surely gave the world an incredible gift as an entertainer. In high school and college, I loved his music, watching him move, and some of those songs I can still hear clearly in my mind today. His sensitivity as a soul of Light in his… Continue

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A Tribute to Fathers

Barack Obama on Fatherhood

President Barack Obama cheers for his daughter Sasha's soccer team in a Georgetown park in May.

He writes: "As fathers, we need to be involved in our children's lives not just when it's convenient or easy, and not just when they're doing well—but when it's difficult and thankless, and they're struggling."

Excerpts From This Sunday's PARADE Cover Story:

'We Need Fathers… Continue

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Tied in Knots: The Journey of Release

When we become overwhelmed and things are not going as planned, it is natural to hold tighter to our goals and try to force things to go our way. In the process, we tie ourselves in knots, tensing our shoulders, jaws, and muscles throughout our bodies. Our mind tells us that this is how to get a firmer grip on a situation that feels out of control, but as we create knots in our bodies we are blocking the flow of our energy, exhausting ourselves by… Continue

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Spiritualizing the Planet: Ascension

We are one with the cosmos whether we realize it or not. Realizing it, though, quickens our spiritual energy and allows us access to higher realms. In those higher realms lies the awareness that we are more than just finite physical beings living one life in one place at one point in time. Connecting with this awareness is to awaken to the truth and take a step forward, and upward, on our soul’s journey. This upward movement is known as ascension… Continue

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from codependency to freedom

Are you recovering from codependency? Do you have traits of the codependent emotional system?

Recovery from co-dependency happens with Awareness, inner healing and learning to own and have your feelings.Learning what your true emotions are and how to express them is equally important.

Codependency is a trauma coping behavior system and happens when we are…


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Waves of Healing: Ocean Meditation

Like us, the sea is ever-changing. And, like us, the earth’s vast oceans appear at a distance to be stable and homogenous. But beneath the mask of solidity that both we and the sea wear, there lies unpredictability, sensitivity, and power. There is much we can learn from the ocean, representative as it is of our inner landscapes. The rough sounds of the sea’s waves are spiritually soothing, and its salt can purify our physical selves. Yet not everyone… Continue

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President Obama's Speech in Cairo: A New Beginning


Office of the Press Secretary






Cairo University

Cairo, Egypt

1:10 P.M. (Local)

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Thank you very much. Good afternoon. I am honored to be in the timeless city of Cairo, and to be hosted by two remarkable institutions. For… Continue

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Today's JFF (just for fun)

Began my day with detox QiGong. Feels good. Now off to see what today will bring. So far it has brought one uplifting song. (I hope you enjoy this on an LOA group, it's authentic - don't listen if strong words offend)

Happy hump day group. Keep smilin'.

Listen Here:

Click to Listen

LillyAllen song, thanks skull I needed that

click back arrow to return to ARW… Continue

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