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Cultivating Gratitude


It's a new day. Why not spend it with gratitude?


Cultivating Gratitude

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Owl Vision

Owl Feathers - While hiking with our dogs yesterday I came across these amazing owl feathers. The longest is 33cm/13inches long. They are the most beautiful feathers I have seen. Eric spent some time last night researching them and it seems they are from a maryland great-horned owl. Amazing!



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Initiation and Healing Emotions

Become the hero of your own epic journey. Initiation & Healing Emotions, by Alberto Villoldo

Many of us are clearing imprints now and have been in the midst of a life initiation process. We are working deeply to realign our inner vibratory compasses and experiencing a greater movement into entering the foundational unknown. This may feel wobbly, disconcerting, and requires at this time in 2013 an incredible amount of trust. At…


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Daily Practice - Tips for Cleansing Soul

Many of us are in a detoxification process right now. Detoxing physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically that which no longer serves. If this is you, be sure to drink plenty of water, take epsome and sea salt baths. Nourish the body with easy, nourishing…

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Honor Thyself

A beautiful article. had to share.

~~ gratitude to lovelylinda


Honor Thyself


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For My Father

"Shhh. listen, listen. We are near."

painting: Shaman calling her Allies

by Vicki Ledray Grabicki's (Vikki)

Shedding story, finding love.…


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New Year, New Dream, New Vision

Dear friends, Happy New Year and New world cycle as well. We have surely and securely entered a new energetic season and I wanted to share with you a powerful tool that most of us are familiar with, though some of us may not realize how powerful a practice it is to do at this time. I invite you to participate and create this simple project this month while the new year energy is still ripe and potent.



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Happy New Day , New Year 2013

Dear beloved community,

We have walked together through the Shift. And we made it!! We have each been held and touched by each other's presence and Light on the Path. And everything that has come to pass has prepared us for this day and time. I am soooo grateful!!


Today we take our first steps together onto the soil of this new day, new cycle, new dream, 2013. It, and perhaps we, have arrived. ;) Let the magic begin!!


Wishing everyone an…


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