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Every Blade of Grass

Every blade of grass has an Angel standing over it whispering "grow. grow."
author unknown

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Global Oneness, Global Consciousness

We are all feeling the effects of the energy shift (a bit of an earth-friendly tsunami!) that has come with the election of President Barack Obama, our new American (and a global) Leader.

As I watch the new Pres in his first 100 days, I can feel my own head spinning as so much is going on, and on so many levels. As we go through this active shift together, let us remember that the need for grounding and breathing! is greater now than… Continue

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We Have a New President

Barack Obama took the oath of office today as the nation's 44th president.
We have a new President!

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Imagine a Woman

Imagine a woman who believes it is right and good she is a woman. A woman who honors her experience and tells her stories. Who refuses to carry the sins of others within her body and life.

Imagine a woman who believes she is good. A woman who trusts and respects herself. Who listens to her needs and desires, and meets them with tenderness and grace.

Imagine a woman who has acknowledged the past's influence on the present. A… Continue

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A Simple Meditation

I have been blessed to have many wonderful teachers. Included in them was a man called don Miguel Ruiz. I met with him on several occasions, and completed an apprenticeship in his lineage with two very wonderful teachers. The ways of the Toltec Shaman have greatly influenced my path. The Shaman knows that we are all waking up from the dream of the planet, and that our feelings are our guideposts to recovering our dream of Integrity and… Continue

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Living Green: "Green" Paper

Looking for tree-free paper? Sugar cane may be the answer. Using waste products from cane farming, sugar cane paper is cleaner to make, recyclable, and biodegrades faster than paper made from wood pulp. Besides saving trees, this paper can also be used to replace Styrofoam and other petroleum-based products.

Source: "5 Reasons to Demand Sugar Cane Paper" by Josh Peterson,… Continue

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Celebrating Successes, and What I am learning

I am learning that life is about balance. And that we live our spiritual principles on a daily basis whether we know it or not. We are co-creating every day. And things happen in life. We celebrate, we explore, we face challenges, we play, and we love. What makes our journey is how we live in balance with our Truth each and every day. One day at a time.

As a new year begins I ask myself: Am I experiencing more peace and wellness since this… Continue

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What's Your Flavor?

What flavor makes you happy? For some, it's chocolate. For others, vanilla. Yet another, likes strawberry. So too is it with Wellness.

There are many "medicines" in our lives. For some who need to cleanse their bodies, maybe drinking lots of lemon water tea is needed. For another who has deprived themselves of too much joy for fear of doing it "wrong," perhaps a double scoop of rocky-road and cherry-garcia is in order!

Maybe your… Continue

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