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The Homestead Revolution VI

Sixth in a series:

Happy Slaves

The lowly earthworm, slaughtered by the trillions or zillions by chemical, corporate, money lover agriculture, is worth many times the pennies it costs to buy your starter stock, if they are not readily available for free. The profitable organic food producer raises them in controlled conditions to increase their rates of reproduction, foil predators and to prevent their escape. Worms are the cheapest labor you can get for your food crops.… Continue

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The Homestead Revolution V

Fifth in a series:

Do What You Love

Some of us can and sometimes do find work we love in the corporate world. Sometimes the work would not exist except that it has corporate support or subsidy. Often you can do the same or similar work outside a corporate environment. If you have not yet done so, ask yourself how you would spend your productive hours if you did not require pay. How many hours each week would you spend at this activity? A time budget makes more sense than a… Continue

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The Homestead Revolution IV

Fourth in a series of six:

Perhaps you have noticed a connection between money, power, and politics. The joke is on us. This connection is ten times more effective and efficient at the grassroots level.

Once we decide on how much electricity we would want in hard times, we

can look at the most practical way to build up a system. Let us say we

want to have two-way global communication. We know telephone service

could go down for extended periods, so… Continue

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The Homestead Revolution III

Third in a series of six.

If we would come out of the great money loving society, Homeland Security begins at our own home. If we are building a house, make it a greenhouse. Should there be a toxic environment outdoors, there can always be fresh air and whole food indoors. If you have a home that is not a greenhouse, add skylights and an attached greenhouse. Such can heat your house on a Winter's day and not be much threatened by toxic or hostile environment outside. Shade screen and… Continue

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The Homestead Revolution II

Second of series of five.

We are taught that the U.S. Constitution is the best ever devised by men so we ignore the many flaws that should have been corrected long ago. One is the phrase "and to provide for the general welfare." After enumerating what powers Congress has, this phrase overrules everything. Anything the Congress should decide is good for the people becomes a legitimate government function. It makes government our ultimate caretaker and unlimits its own… Continue

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The Homestead Revolution

First in a series of six:

Many find the idea of revolution frightening, most especially those who are living the good life. Change is dangerous. The unknown may be monstrous and ugly. Life will never be the same and the sameness of many lives is perceived as comfort and security. We can expect many to hang on to this perception until it is no longer possible. As in the story of the Three Little Pigs, we know those who will prepare for change will be a minority and probably a very… Continue

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Creating Righteous US Government

In truth, I am more than a little surprised nuclear regime change has not yet happened in America. Whatever has prevented it is certainly not the Department of Homeland Security. Far more likely millions of sincere prayers for mercy on these miserable offenders have delayed what may be inevitable. However, even if we lose half our nation to nuclear attack, it seems wise to have a new blueprint in place for national federation.

I recently considered a very relevant question I would… Continue

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George Washington's Prophetic Vision II

By visualizing the way a massive invasion and occupation might be successfully executed by the most likely enemies in the near future, we can prepare our personal responses. There are several assumptions which should prove valid and some variation probable.

1.) 9/11 was both fair warning and a blueprint for a much larger attack. The invasion will make full use of the element of surprise for the panic and terror response. It will strike several vital targets simultaneously. It was… Continue

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George Washington's Prophetic Vision

A dispirited George Washington at Valley Forge in the Winter of 1777, had been praying on a frequent basis. Apparently great men are intimate with humility. Sitting at his desk, he was about to write a dispatch. An angel appears, saying no more than "Son of the Republic, look and learn."

You can look up the details for yourself. In a nutshell the vision foretold the present revolution about which Washington had been praying and its positive outcome. Another crisis was to arise in the… Continue

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A Gratitude Prayer for Monotheists

A Gratitude Prayer for Monotheists

Posted Tue, 04/14/2009 - 11:36

For those of us who prefer to envision Creator as next of kin and loving father, the Lord's prayer is but a jumping off point. Early Episcopalian indoctrination and subsequent scriptural studies, done off and on since those early days, made me a bit uneasy about some aspects of the Lord's Prayer. It was not until I realized Jesus never commanded anyone to pray this prayer, I felt free to customize it to my own… Continue

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The Law of Least Effort Fits Me Like A Glove

The Law of Least Effort Fits Me Like a Glove!

Originally Posted Sun, 04/12/2009 - 20:49

Some call me lazy. Some call me uninspired. Some are somewhat correct in what they call me. Of the "Seven Spiritual Laws of Success", the Law of Least Effort is my hands down favorite. As a boy of about 13 years, I went fishing with a friend, early Spring in the Northeast U.S.. It was cold and I was heavily dressed. There were two ponds, joined by a culvert under a railway bed of… Continue

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Tithing and Taxing

Tithing and Taxing

Originally Posted Wed, 04/15/2009 - 10:14

In ancient Israel the annual tax was voluntary as it should be everywhere. It was called the tithe of the firstfruits, which God said belonged to him, according to scripture. The reasoning went like this: God blesses you with abundance, you give him, through the priests, the first 10% of your harvest. The priests, godly men, for the most part, then took care of the poor in the cities. To withhold your tithe was… Continue

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I Have Arrived!

I Have Arrived!

Originally Posted Mon, 04/20/2009 - 16:12

I thought I knew what I wanted all these years. I did not. Now that I'm comfortable with where I have come from and where I am, my Email inbox is flooded with opportunities to have and be so much more than I have and I am. It's all my fault, in truth. I was a curiosity seeker as a teenager, an opportunity seeker in my 20s and 30s and now in my 60s, I have come full circle. I am a curiosity seeker once again, saving… Continue

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Why I'm Delighted by EFT

Why I'm Delighted by EFT

Originally Posted Tue, 04/21/2009 - 10:15

With a powerful interest in alternative health I began cultivating in the early 70's, I have found health improvement and maintenance could become a very expensive proposition. Over these years I had developed the theory that all disease is a result of toxemia (poisoning), malnutrition and often a combination of the two. Thanks to Intenter Noreen Barron, I recently learned emotional toxemia makes us much… Continue

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Supercharged Affirmations

Supercharged Affirmations

Originally Posted Tue, 04/21/2009 - 22:55

I have been a hot rodder at heart since my early teens. I've had a powerful interest in anything that adds power, speed and efficiency to a device or process. I have long believed if auto manufacturers used small turbocharged engines in their usual vehicles, the consumer would get adequate performance, much improved fuel economy and lower maintenance costs. This would create a substantial increase in the… Continue

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Exciting New Spiritual Network

Exciting New Spiritual Network

Originally Posted Thu, 07/23/2009 - 22:27


Tags: Spirituality

Chris Cade had an intent. He had decided if people would learn to write their own life stories as he had done, they would improve their lives as he had done. He set up a web site, got a few friends to promote his pre launch launch and posted a 9 minute video, explaining what he was trying to do and promising to personally respond to those who wrote their stories about… Continue

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I Took the Vow

Growing up non-violent in a fear based society is no easy task, so by nature I put up and shut up about the foolishness and idiocy I have been privileged to witness in the course of my life. Thus it was with no second thoughts I joined Deepak in his primary intent. What I did not expect were the profound internal experiences which resulted in a very few weeks. This has already gone far beyond good will toward people.

A few days ago I turned on the TV (an infrequent ocurrance for me)… Continue

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Cheap Health Insurance

There will be no meaningful discussion of health care anywhere - until we define some terms. In the United States of America there is no health care system and there is no health care but personal health care. Just like hygiene. You do it, or you do not. You care, or you do not. Most of us do not because we were never taught. It has only been in the past century rich nations have found a profitable racket insuring people who do not care, against the financial consequences of not caring. Now… Continue

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An All Encompassing Affirmation

Every day, in every way, I increase in: Wisdom, Love, Gratitude, Reverance, Healing, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Laughter and Prosperity.

This affirmation grew from a simple suggestion Deepak made in his "Seven Spiritual Laws of Success", one of the greatest books written in modern times. If you disagree, I'll thank you in advance for keeping it to yourself. Being very, very Virgo, I saw a wonderful opportunity to expand the simple example to an affirmation of all I wanted for my life.… Continue

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Packaged Wisdom

I viewed a Youtube video this morning in which Deepak Chopra sort of explained how information is organized into knowledge, which is organized into wisdom. Further, he explained the Age of Information is transforming into the Age of Knowledge right now, leaving us but one more step to global success and the security of humanity. Yet, no individual need wait for any age to gain wisdom, as history will confirm.

I visited Amazon dot com and discovered that of 245 reader reviews of Seven… Continue

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