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Disincorporate and Decentralize

If it seems that big government and big business are in bed together it is only because they are - father and child. Government defines a corporation as an artificial person. Amen! What if we chose not to do business with artificial persons and traded only with real people? Incorporation is a privilege sold to business by governments. The business receives limited liability, which is to say, limited responsibility. As we have recently seen, a corporation can make fortunes for its operators… Continue

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The Gift

One becomes of advanced age and begins to ask the simple but profound questions he should have asked in his youth but was far too distracted with hormones, activities and entertainments. Questions such as what really matters in life? Who am I? Where am I? What is the best possible use of my time and talents? How will I best serve others or should I serve myself and spare others some crumbs from my time and effort? I remember Deepak Chopra stating in the incomparable "Seven Spiritual Laws of… Continue

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Meet Hidden Hand

Have you ever wanted to have a conversation with someone who knows what is really going on and wants to talk about it? This 5 day Q&A with Hidden Hand is an opportunity of a lifetime. 75 pages of reasonably intelligent questions and flawless, thoughtful answers. At a time when we are immersed in corporate and religious fraud and deception, it is a wonderful thing to get straight answers on a take it or leave it basis.To believe the things Hidden Hand tells us is to fill in the huge gaps in… Continue

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Jesus And George Break Bread

I have a dream: Jesus dines alone with a man named George. George is uncharacteristically humble. Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall?

"George, this is Jesus. Remain quiet and I will take just a moment of your time now. We will dine at your house tonight. Please set a table for two. I will provide the food and drink. You are the decider - I am the provider."

At a suitably small table for two, appropriately set for a visiting head of state, the very first time, Jesus… Continue

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Serving The Wrong Master

No man can properly serve two masters. How many active military would continue service to the Money Power if they knew what that power was doing to their country? Are these military personnel not all in violation of their sacred oath? They might be if the Oath of Allegiance was not a fraud to begin with. If the military knew who they serve and their Oath is a fraud, how many would continue their dishonorable behavior? Who will tell them the truth?

"And the men who loan money to… Continue

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The Lifesaving Hobby

Note: This was written over seven years ago before there was any 9/11 - Al Qaeda truth in the marketplace.

No one is paying me to save lives. In fact I am spending my own money in the attempt. It just seems like the right thing to do.

Force Decisions We Can Live By! Just another bumper sticker, or is it the New Age philosophy? It began as an overwhelming drive to express the lessons I have learned and the warnings I observe, in simple terms, easily understood by others. I… Continue

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Baby Boomer Redemption

Note: This was written four years ago with no knowledge of Mayan prophecy concerning 12/21/2012.

The generation that was going to change the world has become a bad joke. But they have hardly begun their work. Keep an eye on them.

OK. The American Baby Boomers dropped the anti - establishment ball. So certain in the late sixties and seventies that corporate money grubbing was at the root of nearly every social evil, many bought the myth that things could better be changed… Continue

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To Counter The Genocide

Genocide has been the preferred means of population control for thousands of years and it can be exceedingly subtle. In China it is the one child policy. In the United States it is forced poverty. While it is most easily seen in our prison population, we find it most unpleasant to look there, so let's take a huge step up and look at native reservations or inner city ghettos. Through the eyes of puppets and their masters, these people are called "useless eaters". That is, they are despised by… Continue

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The Other Secret

The Great Awakening is individual process for each of us. It is a process which begins with different people at different times for different reasons. A run in with a bureaucrat, a cop, a teacher. A physical illness corporate medicine cannot help. A string of failed relationships. It is the discovery that something is seriously wrong with our world or our little corner of it. Following the discovery something is wrong, one begins to question. Why is this so? What needs to be changed? How should… Continue

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The National Protection Racket - Who Is Buying In?

If you have ever watched Mafia TV shows or movies, you know how the protection racket goes. You buy protection for your business or family from the people who pose the greatest threat to your well being. The scam is so successful, government put it into practice before anybody ever heard of the Mafia.

The national protection racket officially began in 1913. The creation of a private gang pf extortioners called the Federal Reserve Board/ System, was created by a U.S. Congress in… Continue

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Mightier Than the Sword

With two strokes of a pen, the thinking citizens of the United States of America will: 1.) Earn the gratitude, respect and admiration of the civilized world. 2.) Reduce global violence to less than half its current level. 3.) Provide meaningful aid to the poorest among our global community -and much, much more.

To continue; the PEOPLE will: 4.) Create a global economic recovery such as the world has never seen. 5.) Carve a new republic from a corporate plantation. 6.) Fully recover… Continue

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A Nation to Die For!

If you were a Boy or Girl Scout, you recited an oath on a regular basis. If you attended public school, or one of most private schools you recited an oath on a daily basis. By this means, you have been brainwashed.

You have been made to believe the government of the United States of America is what you serve to fulfil the commandment to love your neighbor and do your DUTY to God and country. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your parents will not tell you so. Your grandparents… Continue

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Just Doing My Job

The makers and lovers of lies are sometimes the exact same people. At other times, co-dependents.

If you have never heard the title of this essay in Amerika, you don't live here or have not lived here long. Among excuses, it is a long time favorite. More so among the bureaucrats strangled by more rules and regulations than any other class. You see, doing our job relieves us of all other responsibilities. We are not merely very busy trying to maintain unsustainable lifestyles, we are… Continue

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Subconscious Tyranny

"When the wicked rule, the people mourn." So says scripture. Then what is the difference between the wicked and the ego?

Many of us have learned negative self talk creates problems and stress, simultaneously. Many have also learned stress leads to multiple physical dysfunctions and disabilities. Many of us wish we could develop an immunity to negativity. Many of us wish it was easy to do. It is.

The subconscious is very analogous to a computer. But the operating system is… Continue

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Super Wisdom Foundation to Eclipse Gates Foundation

The difference between a rich folks' philanthropy and a grass roots philanthropy should be obvious. One has more money than it knows what to do with and is wasteful and inefficient in its giving. The other has much more to do than money to do it, began and operates on a shoestring. A model of efficiency.

If who you are matters more to you than what you earn, you should be supporting and promoting the Super Wisdom Foundation… Continue

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The Resurrection of the Sovereign Citizen

I have a dream. The dream has become my goal. As hundreds of thousands of my U.S. brothers and sisters sacrifice for the global ambitions of corporate power and their Washington puppets, an equal number can be motivated to send a few Emails to end the madness. I know this is a great deal to ask of those unaccustomed to sacrifice, yet I am bold enough to set a five year goal to make it happen.

When we are non political we have forfeited sovereignty and citizenship. The forfeiture need… Continue

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Educational Deficiency Anemia

Our corporate educations have left gaps through which one can drive a truck. People believing a diploma, equivalency degree or college degree testifies they have completed an education. In truth, it has barely begun.

The great problem comes because people who believe they are educated have put it all behind them and all they need is a job on the great plantation, a house, a mate and a car. They become pseudo citizens who largely do as they are told by people who appear to know better… Continue

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Acceptability of Treason in Modern America

On 19 October, 2006, Daniel Ellsberg published a confession. In 1964 he had in his possession secret State documents which if made public could have prevented the Vietnam War. He made them public in 1971. Richard Clark has admitted he was in possession of secret State documents in 2002 which if made public could have prevented the war in Iraq. He confessed in 2006.

Implied as a major cause of emotional turmoil in Ellsberg's confession was his loyalty oath. The oath requires one's… Continue

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To Esteem Organic

If we plan to survive, we have to eat. Organic is survival food. Super organic is thrival food. We see organic carries a premium that can approach 100% of the poison "food". Now why should anyone have to pay twice the price of poison for real food? Simple, to keep it available just in case we tire of poison. Let's shop 50/50 and save a few bucks. Would this world be better off with the average shopper running it? What is the point in knowing the cost of… Continue

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They Might Be Traitors

This was originally published with the title Stop A War about the time President Bush invaded Iraq. The title has proven pointless, but the issues raised are even more relevant today. Only the title has been changed.

A nation at war with itself cannot stand. He speaks of American justice and points us to evil while he cuts deals with nuclear armed devils. A friend of Al Qaeda, he is the Commander-In-Chief of the most powerful military force on planet earth and the man we call… Continue

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