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I Took the Vow

Growing up non-violent in a fear based society is no easy task, so by nature I put up and shut up about the foolishness and idiocy I have been privileged to witness in the course of my life. Thus it was with no second thoughts I joined Deepak in his primary intent. What I did not expect were the profound internal experiences which resulted in a very few weeks. This has already gone far beyond good will toward people.

A few days ago I turned on the TV (an infrequent ocurrance for me)… Continue

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Cheap Health Insurance

There will be no meaningful discussion of health care anywhere - until we define some terms. In the United States of America there is no health care system and there is no health care but personal health care. Just like hygiene. You do it, or you do not. You care, or you do not. Most of us do not because we were never taught. It has only been in the past century rich nations have found a profitable racket insuring people who do not care, against the financial consequences of not caring. Now… Continue

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An All Encompassing Affirmation

Every day, in every way, I increase in: Wisdom, Love, Gratitude, Reverance, Healing, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Laughter and Prosperity.

This affirmation grew from a simple suggestion Deepak made in his "Seven Spiritual Laws of Success", one of the greatest books written in modern times. If you disagree, I'll thank you in advance for keeping it to yourself. Being very, very Virgo, I saw a wonderful opportunity to expand the simple example to an affirmation of all I wanted for my life.… Continue

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Packaged Wisdom

I viewed a Youtube video this morning in which Deepak Chopra sort of explained how information is organized into knowledge, which is organized into wisdom. Further, he explained the Age of Information is transforming into the Age of Knowledge right now, leaving us but one more step to global success and the security of humanity. Yet, no individual need wait for any age to gain wisdom, as history will confirm.

I visited Amazon dot com and discovered that of 245 reader reviews of Seven… Continue

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One Happy Planet!

It took less than three years to go from concept to a highly educated humanity. A mastermind alliance was created by the progressive community at Intent.com with the intent of educating all hearing people to the practice of Deepak Chopra's "Seven Spiritual Laws of Success". The idea to use microcassettes translated into every language and dialect, made universal education affordable without the construction of a single building or schoolhouse. Of course where schoolhouses existed, they were… Continue

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Handbook for the Aquarian Age

Possibly the most important book of the 20th Century, Deepak Chopra's Seven Spiritual Laws of Success is the unofficial handbook of the Aquarian Age. When the rest of the world knows this, the New Age transition is complete. I have bookmarked Deepak's Vow page in order to check progress, to see when the vow goes viral. (At the time of writing this, Deepak had set an intent to find one million people who would take his vow of non violence.) I wonder how long it would take to find 100 million who… Continue

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