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“Awakening to a New Era”

I have a vision that me and all my friends make it to the awakening. Things become different. The world has become more accepting and equal. In this new age Aquarius, everyone is free to be the sexual orientation they are. Ones color of skin does not matter. Different abilities are accepted. We all develop many abilities that are early Lumarian ancestors had. We are able to talk to each other through our thoughts. We are developing empathy and the ability to see auras plus many more abilities… Continue

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“Eyes of a Child”

As children we forget to see the color of ones skin race and sexual orientation. As a child all you care about is how good a friend that person is. When some children become adults we start seeing the differences as who the person is. We forget what a child eyes see. The person inside and the type of energy that person carries with them. Maybe if we kept the eyes of a child like God wants us to be, we would have a different world. Skin Color, Sexual Orientation, Race and age would not matter as… Continue

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What Should We Fear: Fear or Flu"

I watch the news bring every little update about the Swine Flu and everyone making sudden adjustments from what they hear. Suddenly people are afraid to extend a hug or a warming handshake. But what is more dangerous media hype or the common ordinary flu that people are fearing to be the swine flu? In many cases, it won't be the flu that brings fear to the city. What will it more likely be is a bad case of the common cold. Fear will be the deadly virus, not some weird mutated virus from a pig.… Continue

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“Listen to the People”

It is interesting. The people and creatures and things we dismiss in our society are the ones we should be listening to the most. In our history, we dismissed the Native Americans. Instead of listening to them, our society has decided to brutalize them and take away their homes. Yet, the Native Americans are the people that hold knowledge we need to listen to. They hold the wisdom we need to know about to help awaken our society.

Another we dismissed in history are the children. All… Continue

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"Awakening Begun" BY: D. Elizabeth Mensinger Age: 33 1/19/2009

The day before a bi-racial president gets sworn in; we look at this Martin Luther King Jr. day differently. We are looking at things like there is a change in our awakening. We have stepped one step closer to that awakening. We as a society are starting to look deeper. True, we still have a long way to go but we just took a major leap. That leap has started the pendulum moving in a positive direction. Tomorrow is a big historical day for us to remember for our entire lives. But, it is also a… Continue

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"Peace Around The Campfire" 12/21/08 Age: 33

I think about a bunch of friends sitting around a campfire singing Christmas Carols and holding flashlights to see the music. Most of us are adults and some are kids, but at that moment were all kids. We have music for some songs others we don't. Kind of humming parts of the songs we don't know and singing the parts we know. Some are good singers, others are not, but none of that matters because were having fun. Drinking hot chocolate or Apple Cider and having fun with songs we been singing our… Continue

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Indigos Unite!!!!

Indigos now starting to wake. It isimportant to start using our gifts to help others. God gave us these special gifts to help others. In times when many believe that the life is so grim right now. To the ones that believe that a terrible end is near. To those that have trouble being awakened because of self doubt. Help those who can't see. The wonderful thing about being Indigos and Crystals is that we can use our gifts to let people know that a wonderful awakening is coming. The gifts that we… Continue

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"Hope in Hard Times" BY: D. Elizabeth Mensinger 12/13/08 Age: 33

In economic times at a low, the media is doing everything they can to worry people more. True you might have to look for a job, but I know some how I’ll be OK. I think the media wants you to worry more. They also want to encourage you to spend more in the holiday seasons to save the economy’s debt. This is silly. First, they tell you the economy is going to get worse making you worry about where you’ll end up. Then they tell you to max out your credit cards. Am I missing something? Supply and… Continue

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The Unexplained World BY: D. Elizabeth Mensinger

The experiences that are sometimes unusual but wonderfully curious then it is like the remaining 80 percent of the brain is being used for incredible things to teach you about reality. I believe there are many of these experiences just waiting to come to us as long as you let them in. When you hear that old song that makes you think of your childhood; a message is coming to help you remember the time of innocence. When you have a spiritual vision with a friend or by yourself; there is an… Continue

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Feeling Energy!!!!

I can be sitting on the bus minding my own business. But as I look around to feel if there are any people I should be afraid of. Most of the time there OK. Most people don't understand how I can somehow feel there color of the aura. What energy are they giving off at that moment. I knew when I did not get the job before the letter came because the energy one of the interviewers were giving off. My friends understand I got a gift. One of them noticed when I went to a retreat. I did a workshop on… Continue

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A Message against war!!!!

You turn on the news and what you see is another American killed in a war wherre the reasons of fighting are not clear by anyone. In our own country we refuse to communicate with people that seem different from ourselves. But, what would happen if we put down our weapons of hate and extend our arms and open our mouths to communication. Would we find ourselves way different or pretty much the same. Are their messages to be learned from each others cultures that we are not learning because we are… Continue

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“The Peaceful Land” BY: D. Elizabeth Mensinger Age: 29

I see a land in another world where peace is its middle-name; war and prejudice don’t exist because they learned to accept people’s differences and beliefs. Different colors of skin and sexual orientation exist but don’t matter in this world because hatred does not exist. They learn to share all that they need with everybody. Money does not turn to greed because resources are shared. You have a world of family and family-type friendships in a world community. Where is this world; maybe in… Continue

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“Colors of the Rainbow” BY: D. Elizabeth Mensinger Age: 29

Colors of the Rainbow;
What represents the diversity of the Gay Community.
Colors of the Rainbow;
The human race is full of many beautiful
Colors of the Rainbow;
It represents the Gay Community and diversity of the human race.
Colors of the Rainbow;
The colors are so beautiful and so is the human race.

Note: I wrote this a few years ago. Want of a few attempts to writng poems.

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"Truth in Mythology" D. Elizabeth Mensinger Age: 33

Is Mythology completely Fiction, or is there a hint of Non-Fiction. Mythology and Folk Lore are stories passed from generation to generation. The stories start somewhere in history. But, a story has a hint of truth surrounded in fiction. I think when there is a fictional story like that we need to find the trick. The trick of finding where the truth is hidden in a sea of Fiction. When you think you found the hint of truth, research it to confirm your instincts.

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Using My Spiritual Gifts as a Messenger for God!!!!

As I believe that God gave me the gift to be an Indigo Child, I believe in using the gifts the creator gave me to bring a positive message to an ever changing world. The second time is coming near. When the time comes, God only knows. What can I do. If Indigos are supposed to be messengers to the world to help the world save itself,then that's what I will do. It is time to spread a positive message of peace and love. We also need to swing the pendelum in the positive direction to save the… Continue

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Our New World Is Coming!!!!! BY: D. Elizabeth Mensinger Age: 33

I vision a world how it once was. We believe in total equality. We knew what the true purpose of being human was. Our closeness with God. We flew and levitated. We communicated with each other through are thoughts. We were able to travel to different parts of the world by thinking about it. But, when we got farther from God, we lost those gifts. Hate and greed kept drawing us farther away. But, God started bringing messengers back a century ago to help change things back again. These people… Continue

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"Focus on the Awakening" BY: D. Elizabeth Mensinger 10/1/08 Age:33

I am sadden when people think it is the end because of what is going on the news. Making a judgment of what people see on the news they think human kind is getting worse. I think that means they are not looking. True there are things and people and event that are not so good. But, that is only a small portion that seems to get the attention. There are a lot of good people that have been awakened or are waiting. People everyday are showing regard to others. Human as well as animal. I think when… Continue

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