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Full circle - A new begining

Hello to everyone who is awakening and recovering.

I live in England and found this home for lightworkers about 3 yrs ago.  After almost a year of intense conecting and reflecting it was time for me to leave.  With the new shift it feels like the right time to reconnect and come here once more.

I'm looking forward to sharing, getting to know others and learning.  It's a time to renew and see through new eyes.

Blessings x

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Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday period and a Happy 2010

Over the past few months I've been putting down foundations for a new project I'm going to be starting. It's a creative project but under wraps at the moment. I'm starting to really focus on it this week and will be putting some good time and energy into it until early Spring 2010.
I wish everyone here a peaceful and Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2010.

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Soul Lessons' and Senator Teddy Kennedy

About 6 years ago when my health was in a really bad way I contacted a woman who I had read about in a morning newspaper. This woman had lived with the same illness I was dealing with and had recovered after 5 years. I bought her book and after buying some supplements from her received a beautiful hand-written letter. She told me that my illness was a 'contract' arranged by myself before birth. I am an open-minded person and although it didn't make a lot of sense to me I accepted her comment as… Continue

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Farrah and Michael - Rest in Peace.

Growing up in the 70's it was Donny Osmond who every girl in my class wanted to marry. But it was the music of the Jackson Five that really got into our soul. Rock with you, Ben and Can you feel it? are classics. Watching Michael Jackson dance and sing with his Brother's was a treat in the days before pop video and MTV. Michael had rhythm and watching him move to the beat and sing his heart out made you want to dance.

I was 18 when Thriller was released. I remember sitting in a local… Continue

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Funeral for a Friend

If someone had told me it was possible to leave a funeral feeling happy I don't think I'd have believed them. But experiencing is believing. Today I attended the funeral of my friend Ann. I met Ann over two years ago when I first started T'ai chi. Ann was brilliant at T'ai chi. She'd been attending classes for only 18 months and was a natural. She was 20 years my senior and two inches smaller than my own 5 ft 2". She was warm, fun and always laughing. She gave lovely hugs when you walked into… Continue

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May we and all beings be completely healed

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