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Ask Awakened Journey: How to heal our hearts when someone we love hurts us

Today's topic: broken hearts

Dear Awakened Journey: greetings. can you help me how do to fighting ill feel…


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Creative Spirit - Having Fun



"How many of us really have fun every day? Time when we do nothing but relax, enjoy a good book, or listen to great music? Think back to when you were a child, perhaps exploring the environments of your block or neighborhood. Every bug, plant, rock,…


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Ask Awakened Journey: How to handle anger when others attack my viewpoints


Today's topic: Dealing with Anger 


Dear Awakened Journey: How do you not let anger overcome you when dealing with ppl who have an opposite opinion & try to ridicule you for your opinion? - signed, spirit of…


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How to Practice Blessings of Gratitude in challenging times

I wrote the book "Blessings of Gratitude" because I have experienced how blessing and being

grateful for everything has given me the strength

and courage to move through difficult times with a positive attitude and helped

me to overcome my fears. Through these blessings…


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Using Mindfulness to combat addictive patterns and cravings

The Practice of Mindfulness in Addiction Therapy                

Teaching clients "awareness in the moment" can help them develop healthy responses to stress and cravings. This attitude of curiosity and openness to inner life can also enrich their entire sobriety.…


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Cultivating Gratitude


It's a new day. Why not spend it with gratitude?


Cultivating Gratitude

Posted on January 31st, 2013 by in…

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Initiation and Healing Emotions

Become the hero of your own epic journey. Initiation & Healing Emotions, by Alberto Villoldo

Many of us are clearing imprints now and have been in the midst of a life initiation process. We are working deeply to realign our inner vibratory compasses and experiencing a greater movement into entering the foundational unknown. This may feel wobbly, disconcerting, and requires at this time in 2013 an incredible amount of trust. At…


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Feeling the Shift?

How The 2012 Consciousness Shift May Be Affecting You

Does life seem to be getting increasingly more challenging? Have your emotions been more intense lately? Does it seem like there are more thoughts racing through your mind? Have you noticed your body tensing up for no apparent reason? Have you been feeling a vague - or not so vague - sense of anxiety? Are…


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Accepting Yourself - A Dynamic Choice

We are always looking for unconditional love ... "out there." But accepting ourselves just as we are is the greatest unconditional love we can get because it comes from within... ourselves.


Whatever "it" is about you that you are labeling, misjudging, resisting today, just accept it. Love it, bless it, embrace it, and…


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Don't Take Anything Personally: Handling Petty Tyrants

Today's Practice: Don't take anything personally. Not even your own thoughts.

Is there a petty tyrant in your life who seemingly blocks your experience of peace? Maybe a relative, a coworker, someone in your life whose words or behavior 'makes' you feel angry, hurt, afraid, invalidated,…


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A Step Away from Peace

Imagine that you are standing under a waterfall. The water pounds down on your head and shoulders and pins your feet to the ground. The steady rush of water feels good. At times, it feels ecstatic.

But often the force of the water is too much. It hurts. You want it to stop. You tilt your body slightly, hoping to find a gap in the sheets of water cascading down on you. You do, and for a moment the pain lessens. But then the full force of the water finds you again. The pain is intense.… Continue

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...MEDITATION...bits "n" pieces.

This is a wonderful period of the year.

We are always reminded of the beginning of life when spring is at hand, and change is at hand.

In fact were it not for the law of change, and if things did not continually change, life would not only be void of events, but there would be no life and moreover, no interest in living.


These great changes are taking place in nature and, in fact in the working of the Cosmic and its

laws on earth.  What may be constantly…


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Which path do I choose - fear or love?

Most of us think that love is our relationship to some other person or object in the physical plane and it is not. Love is our relationship with the source of all life and consciousness, and that implies trust and confidence. The real…


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Roll with life, it Loves you*

Roll with life, it Loves you*

Wake up with a new attitude

Love in heart, filled with gratitude

Ready to take on what is thrown at… Continue

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Can you Surrender?

When you are ready to "Let Go and Let God," getting out of the driver's seat, giving up and Surrender, you will grow into a new pattern of being, then your old thoughts and ways of doing breaks down allowing the new one to begin to form in your mind, hear and personality.

Many of us get "stuck" at this point. We take this personally and start to waste our time analyzing what went wrong and what we are doing wrong. Why are we blocked? We ask, why is nothing working out.. So much time… Continue

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Helping Others Recover Changes Me

Recovery from an injury, an illness or disease or from a state of mind generally takes time, care of our bodies and minds and a desire to be well.  There are many conditions from which our bodies or minds will be restored to health automatically if we take care of ourselves, give it a little time and get out of our own…


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The Art of Receiving

Relying on Others - The Wisdom of Surrender

A deep feeling of gratitude can emerge as we open to the experience of being helped.

Most of us pride ourselves on our self-sufficiency. We like to be responsible for taking care of ourselves and pulling our own weight in the world. This…


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