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"Hope in Hard Times" BY: D. Elizabeth Mensinger 12/13/08 Age: 33

In economic times at a low, the media is doing everything they can to worry people more. True you might have to look for a job, but I know some how I’ll be OK. I think the media wants you to worry more. They also want to encourage you to spend more in the holiday seasons to save the economy’s debt. This is silly. First, they tell you the economy is going to get worse making you worry about where you’ll end up. Then they tell you to max out your credit cards. Am I missing something? Supply and… Continue

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Today I consider all things possible

Bad things happen to good people and whatever it takes I am going to win my battle with any and all past misfortune and refuse any negative emotion or circumstance . I am going to win this battle with life. Namaste

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Some tools to my healing

My healing has been a long journey and because my awareness, attitude and levels of need have changed through this process, I have found many forms of tools that have aided my along this path.

Initially, it was a book and work book entitled: The Courage to Heal, A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse (first published in 1988) a book written by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis, ...

This book helped me through some very intense healing and I think back then it was a… Continue

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I am now free.

"I now easily and effectively attract the positive energy and experiences I desire in my life."

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Putting Yourself First in Recovery

So many of us were taught to always put others first. That somehow putting ourselves first is selfish.

There is a clear distinction to be made here, because there is a difference between being selfish and self-focused. In order to maintain sustained recovery, it is absolutely crucial to put yourself first. Putting yourself first allows you to focus on what is most important in your recovery. It is perfectly fine to focus on you.

When you focus on yourself and what you need… Continue

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I'm turning my blog into my gratitude journal

Starting with my Mum, she is no longer here with me today, and I feel this heaviness in my heart, the heaviness is caused by loss, by yearning, by missing.

If I look into myself, I find a band aide. A sticky piece of tatty band aide, that is lovingly holding my heart together.

Mum if I could ask you a question today it would be, that if dreams are nothing more… Continue

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Goddess of the week :Baubo

Through sexual liberty and carefree joyfulness, cheeky Baubo soars free from judgement. She relishes laughter, merriment and mirth to restore feminine balance and strength.




Carnelian, coral, agate, brown jaspar (orange stones)


Goddess-ence Ishtar* blend for the crown chakra


I am joyful

My big hips are sexy!

I am healthy and happy

I am… Continue

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Have you ever wanted to shout so loud that people around you turn to look, all in an effort to make sure you're still alive? Sometimes I feel invisible and dismissed. I know I take up space, my ever expanding waistline tells me so. Then why do I feel like I'm neither seen nor heard? There are times I feel like the proverbial voice in the wilderness. Sometimes a gentle "hello" out to the universe is not enough. It just bounces and echoes around like the sound of footsteps in an empty cathedral.… Continue

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Trust that you are Exactly Where You Need to Be

Life is full of magic and miracles. All you need to do is open your eyes. The magic is everywhere.

Keep your eyes open. Keep your heart in a state of openess and gratitude. Trust that everything is unfolding perfectly for you, because it is. It is!

What if the whole Universe is conspiring to help you? To answer all of your dreams and desires for health, happiness and a life of freedom and wonder.

Trust that you are… Continue

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Over the last two days, I have been to three different doctors. I'm generally in pretty good health and don't run to the doctor everytime I have a runny nose. I don't do pain too well but I'm usually inclined to tough it out. Maybe it's the male ego that keeps me from seeking help. A couple of years ago I had knee surgery and have since been treated for horrible migraines and a couple of allergic reactions that made my throat swell up. But that's the extent of it. Over the last couple of months… Continue

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Changing Eating Habits and Cutting Out Stress

Today has been a nice day.

I am looking forward to spending the evening with my children.

Straightening the front room and I thought we might decorate for Christmas season.

something they have been bugging me about....heheh.

So we can get some work done while I am off.

I am looking forward to things calming down.

I enjoy the holidays just can't take alot of the crowds.

well gotta go kids will be getting home before to long.

I was thinking of… Continue

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Healing Depression

I was inspired to write a bit about healing depression today. So here it is.

One take on depression is that it is anger turned inwards. I found in my own journey through feeling depressed from debilitating illness that when I expressed the anger, really expressed it and got it out, usually guided by my teacher, the depression would clear. That showed me it was true, depression is usually anger turned inwards.

It is also usually… Continue

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The Unexplained World BY: D. Elizabeth Mensinger

The experiences that are sometimes unusual but wonderfully curious then it is like the remaining 80 percent of the brain is being used for incredible things to teach you about reality. I believe there are many of these experiences just waiting to come to us as long as you let them in. When you hear that old song that makes you think of your childhood; a message is coming to help you remember the time of innocence. When you have a spiritual vision with a friend or by yourself; there is an… Continue

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Feeling Energy!!!!

I can be sitting on the bus minding my own business. But as I look around to feel if there are any people I should be afraid of. Most of the time there OK. Most people don't understand how I can somehow feel there color of the aura. What energy are they giving off at that moment. I knew when I did not get the job before the letter came because the energy one of the interviewers were giving off. My friends understand I got a gift. One of them noticed when I went to a retreat. I did a workshop on… Continue

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A Message against war!!!!

You turn on the news and what you see is another American killed in a war wherre the reasons of fighting are not clear by anyone. In our own country we refuse to communicate with people that seem different from ourselves. But, what would happen if we put down our weapons of hate and extend our arms and open our mouths to communication. Would we find ourselves way different or pretty much the same. Are their messages to be learned from each others cultures that we are not learning because we are… Continue

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“The Peaceful Land” BY: D. Elizabeth Mensinger Age: 29

I see a land in another world where peace is its middle-name; war and prejudice don’t exist because they learned to accept people’s differences and beliefs. Different colors of skin and sexual orientation exist but don’t matter in this world because hatred does not exist. They learn to share all that they need with everybody. Money does not turn to greed because resources are shared. You have a world of family and family-type friendships in a world community. Where is this world; maybe in… Continue

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“Colors of the Rainbow” BY: D. Elizabeth Mensinger Age: 29

Colors of the Rainbow;
What represents the diversity of the Gay Community.
Colors of the Rainbow;
The human race is full of many beautiful
Colors of the Rainbow;
It represents the Gay Community and diversity of the human race.
Colors of the Rainbow;
The colors are so beautiful and so is the human race.

Note: I wrote this a few years ago. Want of a few attempts to writng poems.

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"Truth in Mythology" D. Elizabeth Mensinger Age: 33

Is Mythology completely Fiction, or is there a hint of Non-Fiction. Mythology and Folk Lore are stories passed from generation to generation. The stories start somewhere in history. But, a story has a hint of truth surrounded in fiction. I think when there is a fictional story like that we need to find the trick. The trick of finding where the truth is hidden in a sea of Fiction. When you think you found the hint of truth, research it to confirm your instincts.

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Using My Spiritual Gifts as a Messenger for God!!!!

As I believe that God gave me the gift to be an Indigo Child, I believe in using the gifts the creator gave me to bring a positive message to an ever changing world. The second time is coming near. When the time comes, God only knows. What can I do. If Indigos are supposed to be messengers to the world to help the world save itself,then that's what I will do. It is time to spread a positive message of peace and love. We also need to swing the pendelum in the positive direction to save the… Continue

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Our New World Is Coming!!!!! BY: D. Elizabeth Mensinger Age: 33

I vision a world how it once was. We believe in total equality. We knew what the true purpose of being human was. Our closeness with God. We flew and levitated. We communicated with each other through are thoughts. We were able to travel to different parts of the world by thinking about it. But, when we got farther from God, we lost those gifts. Hate and greed kept drawing us farther away. But, God started bringing messengers back a century ago to help change things back again. These people… Continue

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