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I was thinking this morning of the irony that we as humans who ultimately ask "Who Am I?", are created by the great "I Am". Judeo/Christian belief teaches that when asked his name, God answered "I AM."

I haven't thought too deeply about this but does it mean that the journey of awakening and self discovery I am on will eventually lead me to the answer "I am" and that I too can be god or god like? I guess the question for me becomes am I on a journey toward god or to become god? I… Continue

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Connecting with the Divine

Forging a spiritual connection with the divine is the ultimate goal of many forms of worship. In our devotions, we transcend the limitations of our humanity using prayers, rituals, and invocations, or we seek the celestial in sacred items such as statuary, imagery, or natural objects. In the Hindu tradition, worshipers…


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dawn of a new year

This past year I have been getting back on my feet after by-pass surgery, the year before was spent getting back on my feet after losing my beloved, the past 10 years were spent as a carer and just getting by. All the time I was learning things, gathering information, working slowly on my spirituality. Now in this new year that is soon to dawn I will be able to use all that I have learnt, use all the information I have been gathering. I can finally heal myself of all hurts, move forward at… Continue

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Destiny Be prepared for a solitary journey,

you will find that the camel

for which you are searching

is the one you are riding.

Who among us at some time has not felt that there is something they must discover which will make everything all right? There is, that something is you for you are so much greater than your wildest dreams or the cruel and misguided words of those who would have you believe otherwise. Greatness as… Continue

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Be True to Yourself

When you feel something, feel it! Be true to yourself. This is the energy of Life moving through you. This is the energy of Life moving through me. This is living an authentic life.

Osho says, "Remember to be true to yourself. How? Three things have to be remembered:

One - never listen to anybody, what they say for you to be. Always listen to your own inner voice, what you would like to be. Otherwise, your whole life will be… Continue

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Abraham Hicks

if you're in despair, follow your revenge, it's downstream. if you're in revenge, follow your hatred, it's downstream. if you're in hatred, follow your anger, it's downstream. if you're in anger, follow your frustration, it's downstream. if you're in frustration, follow your hope, it's downstream. if you're in hope now you're in the vicinity of appreciation. once you get into the vibration of hope, now begin making lists of things that you feel good about and fill your notebooks full of them,… Continue

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Whatever your tradition, whatever you celebrate, may you have peace during this season and may you have an enchanting, awakened new year. Love and Mercy to all!

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Merry Jingle Bells everyone

Meri Kirihimete/Merry… Continue

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Well its Christmas Eve here in New Zealand

... that should help some get the time zone in perceptive - as I get a lot of questions about that.

Anyway, Merry Christmas folks - be happy, be generous with your love, be grateful,
be ready for a new year ahead and most of all, be safe.

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So THAT'S why I can't breathe: When illness has physical roots

Healing is physical also. With so much emphasis today on the deeper meanings of physical ailments and the holistic, emotions-cause-illness lessons of the day, we might sometimes forget that dis-ease can also be caused by physical factors.

Myself, I have done so much inner healing, and yes, there are improvements in my overall health related to this that I know will only continue. However, I had been noticing over the past year that as my inner world and my CNS have…


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"Peace Around The Campfire" 12/21/08 Age: 33

I think about a bunch of friends sitting around a campfire singing Christmas Carols and holding flashlights to see the music. Most of us are adults and some are kids, but at that moment were all kids. We have music for some songs others we don't. Kind of humming parts of the songs we don't know and singing the parts we know. Some are good singers, others are not, but none of that matters because were having fun. Drinking hot chocolate or Apple Cider and having fun with songs we been singing our… Continue

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Change Is Inevitable - Growth Is Optional

Many times when one thinks of change it is based on something that we are going to receive. Change can also have a lot to do with what we are willing to get rid of.

Like a hot air balloon that goes up when you remove the sand from it. So many of us hesitate to throw the sand out and still anticipate we will continue to move upward.

Making changes in lifestyle choices that are harmful, relationships that no longer serve us, or a job or business that is no longer fulfilling… Continue

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Indigos Unite!!!!

Indigos now starting to wake. It isimportant to start using our gifts to help others. God gave us these special gifts to help others. In times when many believe that the life is so grim right now. To the ones that believe that a terrible end is near. To those that have trouble being awakened because of self doubt. Help those who can't see. The wonderful thing about being Indigos and Crystals is that we can use our gifts to let people know that a wonderful awakening is coming. The gifts that we… Continue

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Yesterday, for whatever reason, I was thinking about the unfettered, uninhibited, unthinking things I would do as a child. I would go puddle jumping, I would climb trees, I would play spaceman to the moon using an empty refrigerator box as my space capsule, I would play with GI Joe, I would play Batman, I would play Superman. Superman was among the ultimate childhood experiences. My mother would pin a dish towel to my shirt and I would have an instant cape. I remember running around the house,… Continue

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Dear gratitude journal

Today my eyes of gratitude are on my little brother Joby.

He is a driving force in my life, a love that is just ‘a given’ nothing that I have to think about or question.

I just KNOW he is there for me and shares his caring in the best ways he knows how.

He is a ‘man’s man’ so when he does something like take the time to write me a birthday poem, which he said took him months *whispers* and didn’t even rhythm…

I know that he has put all… Continue

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New Law of Attraction Group

I was just visiting the new Law of Attraction Group. There is some PHENOMENAL stuff posted in the discussion area about healing. I highly recommend everyone checking it out. If you are serious/passionate about healing, or interested in healing, as a healer or a heal-ee, or both, you are invited to check it out. It's more than "just" the Law of Attraction. It's a beautiful new healing group. Worth a look!

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Feeling Very Blessed Today

I had a cardio check-up today and feel so happy, my heart is very good! Been running slow and skippy due to lack of excercise, but I can work on that! I'm enjoying all of the blogs and sharing here. It is such a joy to be with this group on my end, too. Looking forward to jumping into your wonderful discussions some more after I get in some R&R. That's it on my end today.

Every day brings blessings our way. Be sure to look for yours.… Continue

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The Importance of Continual Renewal

Renewing and refreshing ourselves on a daily basis assists greatly in the creation of a positive and balanced day for ourselves and those that we surround ourselves with.

Taking time for self before the busyness and business of our everyday lives helps in two ways.

First, it allows for clear and concise affirmation of what is most important to us in the long term. Second, it allows for the quiet contemplation of the most important steps one can take that day to accomplish our… Continue

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The Fields of Order

What are the Fields of Order? One of my teachers tells this story: when you step into the Fields of Order, your whole body comes into alignment. Your vibration, your cells, your sense of peace and presense. Your very cells oscillate to the rythmn of balance and harmony. And you feel good, whole, true and right. You are in alignment in both body and consciousness. You experience the alignment of body, mind and spirit.

Sitting at a Buddah's… Continue

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Ayurveda and Orange

Ayurveda and Orange

Orange is sweet, spicy and warming.
Great for balancing both Vata and Kapha,
and especially wonderful during this time of year.

Orange is rejuvenating!

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