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Reflections on Autumn

What gorgeous days we've been having. Everything feels so fresh and somehow more settled too. Welcome happy autumn! 

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Morning Reflections

Been having a beautiful and powerful long weekend celebrating my guy's 50th birthday with family and friends. Honoring this milestone with my sweetheart has been both trying, joyful and enlightening. Stepping into the next chapters of life at this momentous time is surely a reflection of a new age coming into form. Aho to the wisdom and wobbliness that comes with stepping…


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Standing in your own power of "love"

Standing in your own power of “love”


We are in the midst of a juncture in time. When time and space collide to produce an evolved version of it’s own Self. What may seem new is just an expansion from what already existed. We are the…


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Feeling the Shift?

How The 2012 Consciousness Shift May Be Affecting You

Does life seem to be getting increasingly more challenging? Have your emotions been more intense lately? Does it seem like there are more thoughts racing through your mind? Have you noticed your body tensing up for no apparent reason? Have you been feeling a vague - or not so vague - sense of anxiety? Are…


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Paint Your Soul

Paint your soul ~ ♥ ~ thoughts for today :))

eat mangoes naked

lick the juice off your arms

discover your own goodness

smile when you feel like it


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Accepting Yourself - A Dynamic Choice

We are always looking for unconditional love ... "out there." But accepting ourselves just as we are is the greatest unconditional love we can get because it comes from within... ourselves.


Whatever "it" is about you that you are labeling, misjudging, resisting today, just accept it. Love it, bless it, embrace it, and…


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New Moon September - Conscious Cosmic Upgrading

Things feeling extra intense right now? This is a POWERFUL time and it is extra important to be GENTLE with ourselves. We are moving through a HUGE wave of energy and potent cosmic influences.

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Video: The Emergence + Global Goodwill Invocation ~ Children of the Sun

The Emergence




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9/9/12 Audio Meditation: Divine Mother's Plum Ray of Rejuvenation ~ Waves of Bliss ~ Nasrin Safai





Here is the 9/9/12 Gateway Portal Meditation of Waves of Bliss…


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It is in our prayers when we are talking to God, but when we meditate God talks to us.

This action can also be applied when we talk to our internal organs, so they can also talk to us. When we are able to pay attention to what organs have to say we prevent many inharmonious in them. Food we should eat, thoughts to express, negative emotions that we’d rather transmute into something positive, hidden talents to be very excited to discover and…


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Creativity is God's seed planted in every soul personality. 

This seed is not only for our personal benefit, but everyone else’s 

Let's start by trying to describe this concept in just a few words. 

When you listen to the word creativity what image comes to your mind? 

Is it God? Is it Life? Is it Love? Is it Peace Profound? Is it a strong positive intent? Maybe harmony comes like a flash to your mind? Or is it, perhaps a happy…


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Our Creator infunded in every and each one of us this never ending thirst for learning. 

This action is carried out on a daily basis with our pure love for our humanity, Mother Nature and every Kingdom of God. 

In my case I was double blessed because God helped me find great esoteric teachings at an early age. The more…


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