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The Unexplained World BY: D. Elizabeth Mensinger

The experiences that are sometimes unusual but wonderfully curious then it is like the remaining 80 percent of the brain is being used for incredible things to teach you about reality. I believe there are many of these experiences just waiting to come to us as long as you let them in. When you hear that old song that makes you think of your childhood; a message is coming to help you remember the time of innocence. When you have a spiritual vision with a friend or by yourself; there is an… Continue

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Feeling Energy!!!!

I can be sitting on the bus minding my own business. But as I look around to feel if there are any people I should be afraid of. Most of the time there OK. Most people don't understand how I can somehow feel there color of the aura. What energy are they giving off at that moment. I knew when I did not get the job before the letter came because the energy one of the interviewers were giving off. My friends understand I got a gift. One of them noticed when I went to a retreat. I did a workshop on… Continue

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A Message against war!!!!

You turn on the news and what you see is another American killed in a war wherre the reasons of fighting are not clear by anyone. In our own country we refuse to communicate with people that seem different from ourselves. But, what would happen if we put down our weapons of hate and extend our arms and open our mouths to communication. Would we find ourselves way different or pretty much the same. Are their messages to be learned from each others cultures that we are not learning because we are… Continue

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“The Peaceful Land” BY: D. Elizabeth Mensinger Age: 29

I see a land in another world where peace is its middle-name; war and prejudice don’t exist because they learned to accept people’s differences and beliefs. Different colors of skin and sexual orientation exist but don’t matter in this world because hatred does not exist. They learn to share all that they need with everybody. Money does not turn to greed because resources are shared. You have a world of family and family-type friendships in a world community. Where is this world; maybe in… Continue

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“Colors of the Rainbow” BY: D. Elizabeth Mensinger Age: 29

Colors of the Rainbow;
What represents the diversity of the Gay Community.
Colors of the Rainbow;
The human race is full of many beautiful
Colors of the Rainbow;
It represents the Gay Community and diversity of the human race.
Colors of the Rainbow;
The colors are so beautiful and so is the human race.

Note: I wrote this a few years ago. Want of a few attempts to writng poems.

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"Truth in Mythology" D. Elizabeth Mensinger Age: 33

Is Mythology completely Fiction, or is there a hint of Non-Fiction. Mythology and Folk Lore are stories passed from generation to generation. The stories start somewhere in history. But, a story has a hint of truth surrounded in fiction. I think when there is a fictional story like that we need to find the trick. The trick of finding where the truth is hidden in a sea of Fiction. When you think you found the hint of truth, research it to confirm your instincts.

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Using My Spiritual Gifts as a Messenger for God!!!!

As I believe that God gave me the gift to be an Indigo Child, I believe in using the gifts the creator gave me to bring a positive message to an ever changing world. The second time is coming near. When the time comes, God only knows. What can I do. If Indigos are supposed to be messengers to the world to help the world save itself,then that's what I will do. It is time to spread a positive message of peace and love. We also need to swing the pendelum in the positive direction to save the… Continue

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Our New World Is Coming!!!!! BY: D. Elizabeth Mensinger Age: 33

I vision a world how it once was. We believe in total equality. We knew what the true purpose of being human was. Our closeness with God. We flew and levitated. We communicated with each other through are thoughts. We were able to travel to different parts of the world by thinking about it. But, when we got farther from God, we lost those gifts. Hate and greed kept drawing us farther away. But, God started bringing messengers back a century ago to help change things back again. These people… Continue

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"Focus on the Awakening" BY: D. Elizabeth Mensinger 10/1/08 Age:33

I am sadden when people think it is the end because of what is going on the news. Making a judgment of what people see on the news they think human kind is getting worse. I think that means they are not looking. True there are things and people and event that are not so good. But, that is only a small portion that seems to get the attention. There are a lot of good people that have been awakened or are waiting. People everyday are showing regard to others. Human as well as animal. I think when… Continue

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A Little Bit About Myself

Well it is Tuesday morning and I got off of work this morning.

So I thought I might a little today.

I work overnights in Shoes at the local Wal-mart here.

I actually enjoy it for the most part because of the relatively quiet area I work in.

I don't have co-workers talking trash in my dept. and I have a few friends I can sit with and talk to finally.

I have getting into working in my paint shop program again after not really creating anything in almost 3 years I… Continue

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Today (1st December) is the 2nd anniversary of my beloveds passing. The phone did not stop ringing with reli's wanting to know how I was managing. They all thought I would be out doing stuff. What does one do at this sort of anniversay - hardly throw a party.

I listened to music we liked and pottered around the house, I spoke on the phone with my sister/friend and we laughed and had fun. A dear friend turned up with flowers and a card that said she was proud of me for getting this far and… Continue

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Learning to Wait

I've started to realize that waiting is an art, that waiting achieves things. Waiting can be very, very powerful. Time is a valuable thing. If you can wait two years, you can sometimes achieve something that you could not achieve today, however hard you worked, however much money you threw up in the air, however many times you banged your head against the wall.... -- The Courage to Change by Dennis Wholey

The people who are most… Continue

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When I was a kid, I had a friend and we swore we would be friends forever. When we were about 11 years old he moved away and aside from a visit a year later, we haven't seen each other since. Over 35 years later I still remember the sense of freedom, the sense of fun, the laughter we shared when we were young. Now, I wonder what it would be like if we ran into each other. Would I recognize him, would he recognize me? Would we have anything in common other than the shared memories? Would we… Continue

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Giving Thanks

I feel so grateful today. Grateful for Life. Grateful for the Love and Abundance in my life. Grateful for this group, new friendly people who brighten my day, amazing. I feel like many of you already are indeed "friends." I said to my husband a few weeks ago, the ning-computer network is like a million rays of light (well, maybe thousands) circling the globe, connecting us in Oneness and Peace, Joy and Gratitude. Every email we send or receive from around the globe like a million special Light… Continue

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Am I the only one who has difficulty accepting thanks from someone? They'll say "Thank you" and I'll respond "No problem" or "No Sweat" or "Anytime" or something other than saying "You're Welcome." It's almost as if I'm afraid to admit I did something for someone and that my actions had an impact on them. It's also as if I don't attach value to that thing that I may have done. If someone is willing to thank me for something, I should be able to accept their thanks. It's easy to give thanks,… Continue

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hmmm, i seemed to have pressed a button from impulse realm ...

1st impression on Y22Q?

Y can be You, Why, Year, YearNing, ...

22 = 13+9 or 13::9 which clues to BOLON BEN ...

YoKing: it is white solar wind in DreamSpellCalender ;

and a calendar is a time forming space that illumitates the human mind(s) ...

Q is the Omega Symbol "O" combines with a Worm Spiraling the Life Membrane/brainS


this from an CienT mind… Continue

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"I release my barbaric YAWP from the roofs of the world" Walt Whitman. I've always thought this idea of releasing a cry from my soul, a shout to the universe, saying "I'M HERE" is a powerful way to feel an aliveness. I can picture the person in the icon above, who is sitting on a craggy cliff, alone, getting ready to release their YAWP. I don't know where Walt Whitman got the word YAWP from but to me it seems perfect for the action. It seems to sum everything up very consisely. Say it - YAWP.… Continue

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Today in the US is Veterans Day, a day to honor those who have served in the armed forces. This day reminds me that some sort of service can be an integral part to our healing process. Being in service to someone or something is a good way to pay forward the blessings we receive; it's a good way to "get out of myself" and it's a blessing to be able to do something for somebody else. We all know what service is and the types of opportunities available to us. Most times I'm so caught up in… Continue

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Breathe In Peace Today

May you have Peace and a Wonderful Day today.

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Start everyday with a smile, or a laugh, or a chuckle. It sets the tone for the rest of the day.

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