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Indigos Unite!!!!

Indigos now starting to wake. It isimportant to start using our gifts to help others. God gave us these special gifts to help others. In times when many believe that the life is so grim right now. To the ones that believe that a terrible end is near. To those that have trouble being awakened because of self doubt. Help those who can't see. The wonderful thing about being Indigos and Crystals is that we can use our gifts to let people know that a wonderful awakening is coming. The gifts that we… Continue

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Yesterday, for whatever reason, I was thinking about the unfettered, uninhibited, unthinking things I would do as a child. I would go puddle jumping, I would climb trees, I would play spaceman to the moon using an empty refrigerator box as my space capsule, I would play with GI Joe, I would play Batman, I would play Superman. Superman was among the ultimate childhood experiences. My mother would pin a dish towel to my shirt and I would have an instant cape. I remember running around the house,… Continue

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Dear gratitude journal

Today my eyes of gratitude are on my little brother Joby.

He is a driving force in my life, a love that is just ‘a given’ nothing that I have to think about or question.

I just KNOW he is there for me and shares his caring in the best ways he knows how.

He is a ‘man’s man’ so when he does something like take the time to write me a birthday poem, which he said took him months *whispers* and didn’t even rhythm…

I know that he has put all… Continue

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New Law of Attraction Group

I was just visiting the new Law of Attraction Group. There is some PHENOMENAL stuff posted in the discussion area about healing. I highly recommend everyone checking it out. If you are serious/passionate about healing, or interested in healing, as a healer or a heal-ee, or both, you are invited to check it out. It's more than "just" the Law of Attraction. It's a beautiful new healing group. Worth a look!

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Feeling Very Blessed Today

I had a cardio check-up today and feel so happy, my heart is very good! Been running slow and skippy due to lack of excercise, but I can work on that! I'm enjoying all of the blogs and sharing here. It is such a joy to be with this group on my end, too. Looking forward to jumping into your wonderful discussions some more after I get in some R&R. That's it on my end today.

Every day brings blessings our way. Be sure to look for yours.… Continue

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The Importance of Continual Renewal

Renewing and refreshing ourselves on a daily basis assists greatly in the creation of a positive and balanced day for ourselves and those that we surround ourselves with.

Taking time for self before the busyness and business of our everyday lives helps in two ways.

First, it allows for clear and concise affirmation of what is most important to us in the long term. Second, it allows for the quiet contemplation of the most important steps one can take that day to accomplish our… Continue

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The Fields of Order

What are the Fields of Order? One of my teachers tells this story: when you step into the Fields of Order, your whole body comes into alignment. Your vibration, your cells, your sense of peace and presense. Your very cells oscillate to the rythmn of balance and harmony. And you feel good, whole, true and right. You are in alignment in both body and consciousness. You experience the alignment of body, mind and spirit.

Sitting at a Buddah's… Continue

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Ayurveda and Orange

Ayurveda and Orange

Orange is sweet, spicy and warming.
Great for balancing both Vata and Kapha,
and especially wonderful during this time of year.

Orange is rejuvenating!

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"Hope in Hard Times" BY: D. Elizabeth Mensinger 12/13/08 Age: 33

In economic times at a low, the media is doing everything they can to worry people more. True you might have to look for a job, but I know some how I’ll be OK. I think the media wants you to worry more. They also want to encourage you to spend more in the holiday seasons to save the economy’s debt. This is silly. First, they tell you the economy is going to get worse making you worry about where you’ll end up. Then they tell you to max out your credit cards. Am I missing something? Supply and… Continue

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Today I consider all things possible

Bad things happen to good people and whatever it takes I am going to win my battle with any and all past misfortune and refuse any negative emotion or circumstance . I am going to win this battle with life. Namaste

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Some tools to my healing

My healing has been a long journey and because my awareness, attitude and levels of need have changed through this process, I have found many forms of tools that have aided my along this path.

Initially, it was a book and work book entitled: The Courage to Heal, A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse (first published in 1988) a book written by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis, ...

This book helped me through some very intense healing and I think back then it was a… Continue

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I am now free.

"I now easily and effectively attract the positive energy and experiences I desire in my life."

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Putting Yourself First in Recovery

So many of us were taught to always put others first. That somehow putting ourselves first is selfish.

There is a clear distinction to be made here, because there is a difference between being selfish and self-focused. In order to maintain sustained recovery, it is absolutely crucial to put yourself first. Putting yourself first allows you to focus on what is most important in your recovery. It is perfectly fine to focus on you.

When you focus on yourself and what you need… Continue

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I'm turning my blog into my gratitude journal

Starting with my Mum, she is no longer here with me today, and I feel this heaviness in my heart, the heaviness is caused by loss, by yearning, by missing.

If I look into myself, I find a band aide. A sticky piece of tatty band aide, that is lovingly holding my heart together.

Mum if I could ask you a question today it would be, that if dreams are nothing more… Continue

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Goddess of the week :Baubo

Through sexual liberty and carefree joyfulness, cheeky Baubo soars free from judgement. She relishes laughter, merriment and mirth to restore feminine balance and strength.




Carnelian, coral, agate, brown jaspar (orange stones)


Goddess-ence Ishtar* blend for the crown chakra


I am joyful

My big hips are sexy!

I am healthy and happy

I am… Continue

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Have you ever wanted to shout so loud that people around you turn to look, all in an effort to make sure you're still alive? Sometimes I feel invisible and dismissed. I know I take up space, my ever expanding waistline tells me so. Then why do I feel like I'm neither seen nor heard? There are times I feel like the proverbial voice in the wilderness. Sometimes a gentle "hello" out to the universe is not enough. It just bounces and echoes around like the sound of footsteps in an empty cathedral.… Continue

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Trust that you are Exactly Where You Need to Be

Life is full of magic and miracles. All you need to do is open your eyes. The magic is everywhere.

Keep your eyes open. Keep your heart in a state of openess and gratitude. Trust that everything is unfolding perfectly for you, because it is. It is!

What if the whole Universe is conspiring to help you? To answer all of your dreams and desires for health, happiness and a life of freedom and wonder.

Trust that you are… Continue

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Over the last two days, I have been to three different doctors. I'm generally in pretty good health and don't run to the doctor everytime I have a runny nose. I don't do pain too well but I'm usually inclined to tough it out. Maybe it's the male ego that keeps me from seeking help. A couple of years ago I had knee surgery and have since been treated for horrible migraines and a couple of allergic reactions that made my throat swell up. But that's the extent of it. Over the last couple of months… Continue

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Changing Eating Habits and Cutting Out Stress

Today has been a nice day.

I am looking forward to spending the evening with my children.

Straightening the front room and I thought we might decorate for Christmas season.

something they have been bugging me about....heheh.

So we can get some work done while I am off.

I am looking forward to things calming down.

I enjoy the holidays just can't take alot of the crowds.

well gotta go kids will be getting home before to long.

I was thinking of… Continue

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Healing Depression

I was inspired to write a bit about healing depression today. So here it is.

One take on depression is that it is anger turned inwards. I found in my own journey through feeling depressed from debilitating illness that when I expressed the anger, really expressed it and got it out, usually guided by my teacher, the depression would clear. That showed me it was true, depression is usually anger turned inwards.

It is also usually… Continue

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