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Full Moon in Leo - Victory Inside Yourself

Full Moon of Leo with Gita Saraydarian

The Aquarian Full Moon takes place in the Sign of Leo.…


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Using Mindfulness to combat addictive patterns and cravings

The Practice of Mindfulness in Addiction Therapy                

Teaching clients "awareness in the moment" can help them develop healthy responses to stress and cravings. This attitude of curiosity and openness to inner life can also enrich their entire sobriety.…


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Ask Awakened Journey: How to handle anger when others attack my viewpoints


Today's topic: Dealing with Anger 


Dear Awakened Journey: How do you not let anger overcome you when dealing with ppl who have an opposite opinion & try to ridicule you for your opinion? - signed, spirit of…


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Sun's Magnetic Field about to "Flip"

Sun's magnetic field "is about to flip", reports NASA

The whole of the sun's magnetic field is about to "flip", according to NASA - with warning signs being spotted by observatories around the world this year.


The whole of the sun's magnetic field is about to "flip", according to…


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President Obama Speaks Out About Trayvon Martin Case

Had to share this. This is so sad and makes my heart break that we still need to talk about this. But we do. Maybe not here on site. But it needs to keep getting out into the world. I have to say as a white-American that I…

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Hindi Navratri Festival Begins Today

Fascinating and couldn't be better timing. This is speaking to me deeply today. Spirit is good to bring this news my way this morning. 9 days of prayer and fasting. Make mine a whole foods juice-fast please. hmm... 9 days ....…


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Peace and Healing Trayvon

I'm still feeling angry at the outcome of the Trayvon Martin case. So unreal and unjust that an innocent life was taken and for what. Wasn't it clear that this young man was the one acting in self defense and that he was unjustly harassed and pursued. But the crime goes…

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Opening with the Mercury Retro-Shift

Photo: We are in the midst of huge, exciting, amazing change~ great shifts are happening on the planet, to the planet and to us as Beings~ we are all one big existence holding the pieces together~ call peace in to your heart, allow love to flow, be the change you were~ we are being re awakened ~old ways we knew are being brought back up through our memory~ ways which remind us how truly powerful we are~stand in your power and know you are very unique.Blessings and love.Margery.x.x.x


This has not been your ordinary mercury retrograde. Powerful shifts are occurring and this is shared in celebration of opening into this shift. During this powerpacked period things have been reawakened in order to re-order and reawaken a new way of being with them. We have one more week of this to move through and to shift and ground into our new patterns and conscious ordering. Of course this process will continue but more subtly and…


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Meditation for Marine Life and Our Waters - July 22

I just watched the film 'Whale Rider' - have you seen it? - it's an extraordinary film. A beautiful film for women, and men too who are lovers of the warrior's way. My hubby loved it too. A timely film as well with the emergence of the divine feminine occurring on our planet at this time. Not to miss. 


Coinciding with this theme and breaking just after mercury goes redirect on MONDAY July 22, there will be a…


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* Operation HyperGlycaeMix









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Knowledge suppressed today to awaken tomorrow.

It is the power of the human mind.Remote viewing studies out of Stanford explained how consciousness could flow through all matter.All you have to do is close your eyes and go inward.Then go where ever.Missing planes,people and objects as well as seeing into the future and picking out details from the past.These have been the results of the studies.The human mind is conscious and collective consciousness manifests matter.The power of this knowledge is…


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