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Accepting Compliments with Grace

Receiving a Gift with Grace: Accepting Compliments

Many of us find it difficult to accept compliments but easy to believe the slightest criticism. Today, right now, let’s make a choice to fully accept compliments as we would a gift. Sincere compliments are gifts of praise. They are kudos given for wise choices or accomplishments or perhaps for just letting your light shine. There is no reason not to accept the gift of a kind word, but… Continue

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Hard Days as Opportunities for Reflection

Always make sacred time for yourself when you are having a series of hard days. Taking time to rest, meditate on peaceful things by surrounding yourself with peaceful people, music, or a peaceful place in nature, take walks, eat nurturing foods and drink soothing beverages such as herbal teas with plenty of honey. Treat yourself "especially well," and let your hard days give you that "extra permission" to nurture and nourish and LOVE yourself. You may even enjoy it!

Opportunity for… Continue

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Blogging Wellness... Blogging Joy

I am so excited today. What a fantastic day on the planet. There are more people aware and awake than ever before in history. This is an incredible day!

Be free! Explore! Be blessed!

and please, do not miss the upcoming Fire The Grid II event that Manuel has posted. (this Tuesday)

See it, feel it, create it! The New World is Here. We are co-creating it together! I have visions of a totally cleansed planet, and me!, flowing waters, clean and crisp and… Continue

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"It's time to take the smarter route. Follow your spiritual sense." Shamshir Rai Luthra, Talking Rich, New Delhi, India.

Find more videos like this on TALKING RICH

It's time to take the smarter route. Follow your spiritual sense.

Hi, this is Shamshir Rai Luthra.

Humanity shall continue to live in a world of wars, communal riots and broken homes unless they agree on ending their war of words, until they self-realize. Please join our movement today on…

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Our loving universe (a thank you note)

This is a thank you.

A few months ago, someone gave and kept on giving so that I may grow, heal and get through what I needed to get through. That wonderful friend is still giving, and I am supremely grateful for all she has done unconditionally. What better evidence that this loving universe, our God a loving God. A prayer was answered and in some style. The journey is not done, but needless to say, I am no longer any of the negative things from earlier blog posts. I never was of… Continue

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Watching Whales Watching Us

Joel Reynolds's Blog: Watching Whales Watching Us in California

Joel Reynolds, Director of NRDC's Urban Program, the Marine Mammal Protection and So. California Ecosystem projects, Santa Monica, CA

In yesterday's New York Times Magazine ("Watching Whales Watch Us"), author Charles Siebert lays out a compelling case for what many people have long suspected: that great whales are conscious, social,… Continue

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Assembling Your Light Team

Whether you call it your circle of friends or your soul family, your family of choice or of light, your fellow warriors, or if you are healing you may have your very own healing team extraordinairre, as we move ahead in our life and spirit journey it is important to build our bridges to circles of connection where we can go for comfort, guidance, friendship, protection/safety, nurture, and joy.

We can assemble our team both in our… Continue

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How much to say to mum and dad?

In a week or so's time, I am scheduled to visit my family. We have not seen each other in about a year. They live 450 miles away, me having gone to Uni aged 18 to get/ run away from the town I was born in. There was more to it than that, Edinburgh was the best place to go for the course I did and was great fun to boot. Anyway.

My parents know full well 2009 hasn't exactly gone to plan, me having come so close to losing everything, or in their eyes 'throwing it all away'. They will… Continue

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Today's JFF: Just For Fun

Have you seen the Skating Babies? keep… Continue

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Blogging My Way of Wellness: 7/12/09

I'm doing a homeopic metals cleanse. I feel nauseated!

... maybe this is a good thing ?

yes. it's working.

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Today's Meditation: Treating the body with Love

Today's tip: you have one beautiful, magnificent body. treat it with love. "take care of your body. it is your vehicle for awakening." Buddah

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Honoring our rythms and needs

Do you need to rest today? Then are you finding time to rest?

Do you need to eat something wholesome, nourishing? Then are you taking the time to do it?

In the challenges of healing our inner or outer bodies, it is important to respond to what the body and soul is saying. Do we need a warm nurturing bubble bath, some quiet time to ourselves to journal or process, or a brisk walk in nature with a… Continue

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Blogging Wellness: Yoga Today

I began my day with this easy routine. Opening the heart center, unblocking the blocks, washing the brain, and simple movements for shifting awareness from grey mood to Light. Remember, you can slow down and adjust the movements to your comfort level. I did.

Great moves in here for opening chi, oxygenating the spine and brain, feeling good, building bone density, and mostly, an all-over Light and Chi builder.

Want to try it?…


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“Awakening to a New Era”

I have a vision that me and all my friends make it to the awakening. Things become different. The world has become more accepting and equal. In this new age Aquarius, everyone is free to be the sexual orientation they are. Ones color of skin does not matter. Different abilities are accepted. We all develop many abilities that are early Lumarian ancestors had. We are able to talk to each other through our thoughts. We are developing empathy and the ability to see auras plus many more abilities… Continue

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On the 24th September and over three weeks later than I planned I packed my back pack and said "right I'm off now", I had no idea how long I would be gone. I walked to the corner of the street and back again. Ten minutes later I walked back in the front door with the greeting" hi I’m back", the backpack was too heavy and I needed to lighten my load. Taking half the clothing out, well all the shirts leaving me with just one change of clothes, I set off again about an hour later.… Continue

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Empower yourself by reading on.

After righting the covenant I decided to tell how I see things are with me and spirit, this is hard for me to live like this as I am human but I still try, sometimes I do fall by the way side, how will become more clear as you read through my text. I have lived on the earth plane more than once or twice, in fact I do believe I started as far back as Atlantis, I have been a native American, and a monk, time… Continue

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Written for earchildren the tribe (on face book)

I have been a spiritual healer for 17 years, or perhaps longer as I have been told by mediums, I am in the process of writing my autobiography, I am nowhere near the end of my book, but feel that the following section should be shared with everyone now. Allowing others to take something from it to make a difference I the world as I feel I have been able to do. This is how it will read in the book

The Covenant

I am… Continue

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Well all the reports are in all about the new earth energise, people complaining about aching feet and the like, well where as this new energy left me, up until now on the side lines and not a lot to say, as I have said I have read a lot of messages coming over the phone lines to my computer, some I have taken on board others have left me board. If you are in tune with the energise that are out there you will have noticed the change and already made up your own minds. I… Continue

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Well there’s one for you, what’s it all about ?, well we have been told its all to do with being one with god, in Christ case he ascended into heaven. Now I have been told that we all go to heaven, even the bad people go to heaven so why so much fuss about ascension to my way of thinking it should be a walk in the park. I have been involved in the spiritualist movement for a good many years now so I have taken on some off the teachings to come from the movement. One… Continue

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Fuel that Nurtures: Eating Right to Feel Better

At its simplest, food is fuel. Though our preferences regarding taste and texture can vary widely, we all rely on the foods we eat for energy. Most people are aware that it is vital we consume a diverse assortment of foods if we aspire to maintain a state of physical well-being. However, the intimate connection between diet and our mental well-being is less understood. Just as the nutritional components in food power the body, so too do they… Continue

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