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Happy Solstice - and Honoring the Father

~ ~ Happy Summer Solstice ~ ~ and honoring the Father 

Isn't it interesting with all of the work occurring in so many circles around the sacred Masculine right now that we are also coming up upon the Solstice? ~ ~ According to signs and tradition, Summer Solstice "is also a time to honor the Divine Masculine (the sun)…


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Integrating Awakened Masculine Energy with the Feminine

Integrating Awakened Masculine Energy with the Feminine ~~ 

We are currently in a collective cosmic pocket where many of us are learning or experiencing the balancing of our inner awakened masculine and feminine energies. This movement holds true for both men and women and is a natural progression in working with the great influx of Feminine energy that…


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Change: Breaking Out of Old Skins

Most of us are aware that we are living in a very powerful time when the air we breathe virtually sizzles with the energy of change... Signs of shedding old skins have been everywhere in nature the last few weeks, and just as we wrap up this sweet but potent period of mercury retrograde.

Last week our local trees were literally crackling out of their…


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The Importance of Healing the Mother Wound

Healing for Today, Healing the Mother (or Father) Wound 

Articles/Links not to be missed.

Hi Friends,

I feel like I hit the Motherload today (pun intended).

I found myself deepening into this core work again over the past several weeks this poignant July month, and today landed on a goldmine of supports.  I wanted to share these links…


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Complacency of Americans.

I present a few examples of out right lies being ignored and argued to be truth.I give you conscious cycles that are now connected to all of our futures.Cycles that were warned against falling into.By great men such as Eisenhower,Aldous Huxley,Terrence McKenna,Martin Luther,Wilhelm Reich,Kennedy and the list goes on.

 So I'll just describe 3 occurrences that fit into this cycle and show you a little piece of policy involving this…


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Global Warming fraud!

Hmmmmbullshit!31 thousand scientists are calling bullshit!!!!9500 of them physicist's with over half of all having PhD's and they're top panel are retired NASA.They all had plenty of meetings,symposiums,and lectures that included all scientific data!

Unlike NASA EPA,Army Core of engineers and every other group involved in politics that's pushing this fear of oceans rising,along with over population that will be unsustainable do to scarcity caused by global warming..They have no data…


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