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The National Protection Racket - Who Is Buying In?

If you have ever watched Mafia TV shows or movies, you know how the protection racket goes. You buy protection for your business or family from the people who pose the greatest threat to your well being. The scam is so successful, government put it into practice before anybody ever heard of the Mafia.

The national protection racket officially began in 1913. The creation of a private gang pf extortioners called the Federal Reserve Board/System, was created by a U.S. Congress in… Continue

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<> Heal the Old Stuff <>


If you feel like there are issues infiltrating your relationship with one or even both parents, with your children, or any person that is or has been in your life. Here is a reminder, that I know you have heard many times, perhaps you have used this exercise in the past. It is a wonderful and easy way to smooth those bonds without further breaking your heart.

At time when the OLD STUFF stays with you as you are tossing and… Continue

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A Nation To Die For

If you were a Boy or Girl Scout, you recited an oath on a regular basis. If you attended public school, or one of most private schools, you recited an oath on a daily basis. By this means, you have been brainwashed.

You have been made to believe the government of the United States of America is what you serve to fulfill the commandment to love your neighbor and do your DUTY to God and country. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your parents will not tell you so. Your… Continue

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Staying Thankful - by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Staying Thankful - by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

It’s my contention that the universe not only will, but must provide you with what you conceive of. So if you complain about what’s missing from your life—including the money that you believe to be in short supply—you’ll be offered experiences that match that energy. When you say, “I love my job, but I’ll never get rich at it,” you’re aligning with a…


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Before The World Wakes - from DailyOM

Before the World Wakes - Morning Meditation

It is in the first hours of the day before our mind is fully active and awakened, that meditation can serve us well.

Just before the coming of the pale rays of dawn,…


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Creating The Perfect American

"Oh: You better not pout. You better not cry. You better not shout. I'm telling you why." Satan's Claws are coming to town.

"He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows if you've been bad or good. So be good for goodness' sake." The first deity the young American citizen is taught is an omniscient, jolly, fat man with long white hair and beard, living in no man's land. This god is presented as soon as a child is old enough to form a belief system. The… Continue

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Just Doing My Job

The makers and lovers of lies are sometimes the exact same people. At other times, co-dependents.

If you have never heard the title of this essay in Amerika, you don't live here or have not lived here long. Among excuses, it is a long time favorite. Moreso among the bureaucrats strangled by more rules and regulations than any other class. You see, doing our job relieves us of all other responsibilities. We are not merely very busy trying to maintain unsustainable lifestyles, we are… Continue

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Aware And Awake - from DailyOM

Aware And Awake - Intent

Everything we do benefits from intention, which has the power to transform mundane tasks into profound experiences.

We tend to associate the energy of intent with complicated or profoundly…


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Please Fight For Mother Earth vs. Human 'Errors' (A Plea)

The latest news regarding the oil drilling catastrophe is that turtles are being found on the shore and in the polluted waters.

Please, we MUST write letters, phone the powers-that-be, ANYTHING & ALL we can do to put an end to put an end to these (seemingly) constant messages from the…


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Aim spiritual path, self control, vegetarianism and reincarnation

New Online

Katinka Hesselink Net

All Considering


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Subconscious Tyranny

"When the wicked rule, the people mourn." So says scripture. Then what is the difference between the wicked and the ego?

Many of us have learned negative self talk creates problems and stress, simultaneously. Many have also learned stress leads to multiple physical dysfunctions and disabilities. Many of us wish we could develop an immunity to negativity. Many of us wish it was easy to do. It is.

The subconscious is very analogous to a computer. But the operating system is… Continue

Added by Ed Howes on May 2, 2010 at 9:05pm — 3 Comments

The Acceptability of Treason in America

On 19 October, 2006, Daniel Ellsberg published a confession. In 1964 he had in his possession secret State documents which if made public could have prevented the Vietnam War. He made them public in 1971. Richard Clark has admitted he was in possession of secret State documents in 2002 which if made public could have prevented the war in Iraq. He confessed in 2006.

Implied as a major cause of emotional turmoil in Ellsberg's confession was his loyalty oath. The oath requires one's… Continue

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Relationship With Self - from DailyOM

Relationship with Self - Being Alone

The most important relationship we have in our lives is with our selves, mind, body and spirit.…


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off-shore drilling has got to stop

This oil spill has got me so upset. When (is?) humanity going to get it that this has GOT to stop. That we MUST honor and protect our precious world??? oh, dear......

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Disincorporate and Decentralize

If it seems that big government and big business are in bed together it is only because they are - father and child. Government defines a corporation as an artificial person. Amen! What if we chose not to do business with artificial persons and traded only with real people? Incorporation is a privilege sold to business by governments. The business receives limited liability, which is to say, limited responsibility. As we have recently seen, a corporation can make fortunes for its operators… Continue

Added by Ed Howes on May 1, 2010 at 8:18pm — 1 Comment

To the Babies:

To all the Babies in the World:

Innocent Children Exploring their world for the first time..

The precious moments of a baby's laugh, the sight of a butterfly and a plant turning into a flower. That night looks up and

Suddenly arriving from nowhere, a full moon in the night sky, the next day ,,,,Simply watching an ant carry its meal from one place to another,

There new world they see with delight and joy, like an innocent

Child exploring the world for the first… Continue

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