February 2014 Blog Posts (4)

The day my life shifted

Written in year seven of the cycle an ending and a beginning.

December 17, 2013

Tonight my heart broke open, as the morning comes I write. As I lay in my bed, for the first time in my adult life I felt deep and abiding self love. I loved so hard it hurt. I felt it in my chest center left on the backside the part that is protected by my body. It felt like a part of me just activated. Moments passed and I stayed in that moment of love and wonder. Until it became too much to bear…


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Lesson in compassion "Thunder"

This morning Thunder woke up this house. My little dog *betsy* who was sleeping with me at the time really Freaked out. It had literally scared the pee out of her. Three spots at the end of my bed. She was so afraid of what my reaction was going to be she began pacing the room. No I was not happy about this but as soon as I realized this had happened out of fear my attitude to the event changed. I let her out cleaned it up and went on about my day. Thinking poor pup . Upon reflection I…


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Embracing True Self - the Path of Emotional Recovery

Embracing True Self - Freedom to Be You 

A reminder and inspiration toward emotional freedom, July 2012…


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Empath Report - Rebirth and Staying with it All in 2014

I have been feeling so much during this already momentous year of 2014, without the words to express it all. In true Empathic form, I am feeling it, living it, and grounding it, and there is a lot of "it" to process, hold and integrate. In any case, here "it" is from Solara.. she does it brilliantly! we simply cannot go back and live life in the old "normal" way. and this is good. stay…

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