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Nothing is to be overcome.

Life Purpose
"The primary purpose of an entity is, in this density, to experience all things desired ,to then analyze, accept and understand these experiences, and distill the love and wisdom to be found within them. Nothing is to be overcome — that which is not needed falls away ." Ra Book1

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Love is the law.

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Being Yourself

Have a wonderful day.

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The Road to Recovery and NAMASTE

President Obama is flying into my home town today, so gonna try to catch a glimpse of his Airplane as he flies over my house. lol! He's signing the new US economy stimulous package here, and will also be touring some solar-panels, solar energy made by a company called "Namaste." I think it's so cool to finally see a company with a name like "Namaste" getting some commercial attention. Pretty amazing times to be witnessing these shifts,… Continue

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i've found so many sources to trigger a shift in myself...co-creator blogs, Abraham, nature, A New Earth, meditations, you tube videos, laughing, quotes and affirmations, music, dancing, sunshine. the instant i'm aware of my pain-body, or a negative reaction to something or someone, or a restless or antsy mood...i can use any and all of the above to shift . i am conscious so much sooner and it gets easier and quicker than ever. i'm so appreciative of all, i am ick-free!

Here is a… Continue

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What is Islam


The Arabic word “Islam” means complete submission to the will and guidance of God. However, Islam is not a new religion. It is in essence, the same message and guidance that God revealed to all preceding prophets.

"Say, we believe in God and that ( messages ) which has been revealed to Abraham and Ismael and Isaac and Jacob and the tribes and that ( words ) which were given to…

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Today I will look to the future

I refuse to give up. I refuse to be in need. I refuse to give in to unhealthy thoughts that do not serve me. I now have the strength that I need to keep going.

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I just responded to a blog post someone wrote about having an open heart and empathy. I was raised by my parents to put other people first, to walk a mile in the other guy's shoes, to turn the other cheek, to treat others the way you want to be treated. I'm realizing it's all crap.

The truth is I have extended myself to others my whole life. I have done, focused on, comforted, aided, helped, been there for other people literally my whole life. The truth is I have been sucked dry by… Continue

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