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Global Warming fraud!

Hmmmmbullshit!31 thousand scientists are calling bullshit!!!!9500 of them physicist's with over half of all having PhD's and they're top panel are retired NASA.They all had plenty of meetings,symposiums,and lectures that included all scientific data!

Unlike NASA EPA,Army Core of engineers and every other group involved in politics that's pushing this fear of oceans rising,along with over population that will be unsustainable do to scarcity caused by global warming..They have no data…


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"You may not like me but... " an activist's motto

Donald Trump Jr. cuts off animal's tail and poses with it to show off.…


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Dreaming the New World

Dreaming the New World

As great as the challenges we are facing are - and there is no denying that we have an overload of work to do with obvious and great challenges, but I feel incredibly and clearly certain that we have none the less also moved into the New World (incubation) phase, and I feel mezmerized (and grateful) to be here.…


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Body Magic: Releasing the Body's Programming , via

Even amid the challenges and crisis we are facing today, the New World is coming in in exponential rates and levels. Do you feel it?


For many of us our missions are changing. But our sensitive bodies are still catching up, or needing a fresh new level of awareness and understanding to help shed (cleanse) our old skins. A wonderful article about…


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Reflections of Wolf Medicine in Modern Culture

Reflections on Wolf Medicine in modern culture:
I recently shared a bit about the Tibetan Wolf's tooth that I wear or carry in my medicine bag and wild woman toolkit. I had a glimpse of the wild woman/wolf woman feminine archetype yesterday when Marilyn Mosby spoke out in Baltimore regarding the Freddie Gray tragedy…

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Wolf Medicine & The Power of Direct Revelation

Wolf Medicine & The Power of Direct Revelation ~ Shamanic Living

This is a Tibetan wolf's tooth that found it's way into my life when I first moved to Maryland. It was found in a Tibetan shop across the ocean that was being cleaned and swept, in a dusty old pile of sweepings. Then it found it's way to America and into my hands and heart and medicine…


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Are You an Emotional Empath? Centering & Balancing Strategies for Your Self-Care

Are You an Emotional Empath? Centering and Balancing Strategies for Your Self Care ~ 

Adapted from Dr. Judith Orloff’s New York Times Bestseller, “Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life” (Three Rivers Press, 2011)



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Staying WILD, Reflections from a maturing Wild Woman Soul

Celebrating Wild Woman Soul - What does staying WILD mean to you?

Reflections on maturing, settling into our authentic selves and the post-equinox moon


The question I am exploring today is: What does living from your Wild nature…


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Awakening Shakti

What is Shakti? ~ Shakti (from Sanskrit shak, "to be able"), meaning "Power" or "empowerment," is the primordial cosmic energy and represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire universe in Hinduism.

Shakti is the concept, or personification, of divine feminine creative power, sometimes referred to as 'The Great…


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Bach Flower Remedies for Emotional Wellness

Bach Flower Remedies for Emotions, Moods and Behavior -

How Bach Flower Remedies can help every member of the the family through their moods, fears, stress, tantrums, nervous habits, grief, sensitivity, despair, overwhelm and much more....

With so much cosmic flaring, change and processing in the air, This is a great…


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Meditative Moment: Deep Listening

Meditative Moment: Deep Listening 

As we slowly move into the experience of light returning I have really been honoring my deep listening time. It has been humble. and profound. simple. and healing. and deeply nurturing too. Paradigms are shifting before and within us. and seeds planted during the heart links of this deep winter season are…


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Shamanic practices: How to use plants and ritual to listen, connect with other dimensions and heal

Plant Medicine: How to use plants and ritual to listen, connect with other dimensions and heal.

Story from Flower Essence Society (FES)


Client Asks: My friend has a wonderful plant that she has been growing for quite some time. She has just experienced a traumatic divorce from an abusive…


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The Uses of Sorrow

Someone I loved once
Gave me a Box full of Darkness.
It took me Years to understand
That this too was a Gift.

-Mary Oliver,
The Uses of Sorrow

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The Goddess Returns in 2015

Sharing a blog from the lovely Sophie Bashford.

For those who are hearing and heeding the call of the Divine Feminine at this time this is for you:

Let Her prove Her Love to you, this year, Beloved Emissary of the Sacred…

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The Journey, a Poem by Mary Oliver

I first heard this poem 'The Journey' 10 years ago this month shortly after I began my own deep healing and personal recovery journey. The journey was filled with unspeakable shadows and a funding of strength, took many years, and led me through a deep and personal series of initiations. all that was…

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Seeding the Future

Setting our Dreaming Mind for the New Year ~ Dreaming a New Year 2015. Tips for setting New Years Intentions:

1. Begin the New Year with a clean slate. Forgive.

A great way to begin any new year is to let go of the year and years that have already gone by. Create a forgiveness practice or ritual this week. Imagine anyone or anything that…


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A Note from the Founder to Visitors and Members

As of December 31, 2014 Awakened Journey will longer be accepting new members.

Thank you for your interest…


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Christmas and the Highly Sensitive Soul

Christmas and the Highly Sensitive Soul ~

"We don't need twenty thousand Christmas lights, a party every weekend or a mortgage-sized Christmas present. What is wonderful, in fact, is that the simplest of gifts, the quietest carols, the smallest of gestures are enough to fill our hearts with joy."



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The Power and Path of The Divine Feminine

"We summon and call in the power of the Feminine not so that She takes over,

but to restore the Balance that is needed to heal and restore our World."

~  Chameli Ardaugh…


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Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer to the Goddess:

Divine Mother Source, Today I give thanks for this generous new beginning. May I live and serve today as a reflection of your love. May I carry kindness in my body and mind for myself and others. May I remembe…


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