Awakened Journey

conscious wellbeing for ourselves & our world

As we begin our journey together for the next 10 weeks, please gather the following:
a copy of The Four Agreements, by don Miguel Ruiz

a notebook or journal to record your work

an open mind and heart

and a commitment to yourself to transform and foundation a new structure for your self using the tips and guidance offered here.


This is a magical time of year. Let's begin!


Lesson One: The Dream of the Second Attention



We are dreaming all the time.

Toltec Wisdom

I ask you to consider this:

The Toltec's teach us that we are dreaming all the time. Everything we think, see, experience and react to is a cause/effect reflection of how we are dreaming. The Toltec's teach that there are 2 principal phases of dreaming in our lives. The first is the way we dream before we have awareness. And the second is how we learn to dream with awareness. These are referred to in Toltec terms as the Dreams of the First (conditioned) and then the Second (with Awareness) Attention.


The Dream of the First Attention is the dream, or reality, of the planet. It includes the rules, agreements and beliefs that were given to us by our birth families and the society that we grew up in.The Toltec's also call this our domestication, or what we have been conditioned to see and believe about ourselves and our world. Naturally, and without any fault, this old attention of ours is full of hooks and beliefs that have been passed down through our families and society through many generations.

The Dream of the Second Attention is the beginning of a new dream, or a new reality for ourselves and our lives. It happens when we come to a place in our lives where we realize that what we have learned was not necessarily our choice, though one could argue it was our choice on a soul level to have these experiences.

We begin to create a New Dream for ourselves when we have garnered enough awareness that our lives were based on false beliefs and lies. We have adopted and beleived so many lies about ourselves, our limitations, and our faults, that we are overwhelmed with feeling more trapped in our reality than free. But today we will begin to change that.

Today we will begin to use our "Attention" for the Second Time. And we will begin to foundation a new and more authentic dream for ourselves that is based in Truth, not fear.

This is what is meant by the term "the Dream of the Second Attention." And the awareness that we are beginning to mold and re-structure our old dream, is where we will begin today.

Please think about this new term and phrase this week. And ask yourself: are you ready to change your Dream? Are you ready to take responsibility for creating a New Dream for yourself, a new reality that is based in truth and love, and free from the past and fear?

If your answer is "yes", we will move forward together (when class begins) next week!

Gather the items listed above this week as well. We will be using them as we continue our process.

Biggest, brightest love and blessings.
If you are interested in registering for this online course which will include a $97 course-fee, please contact Alexa to be placed on the mailing list. Mailees will receive notices of upcoming online courses and prices.

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I am living in the New Dream now.

“Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive—the risk to be alive and express what we really are.”  ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

What items are we supposed to be gathering?

hi Jeanne, I'll send out emails to registered participants soon. To be clear, there is a $97 course fee, and a new group area for those who currently enroll in the class. More info coming soon!! I am trying to get a feel for the interest here. 

Happy you are interested. And I love the quote you picked. for now I would suggest to keep reading (or re-reading) the book and contemplating at your own pace. Thank you!! I'm excited that you're ready and interested.


In the meantime, glad to hear you are aware of entering a New Dream. It can feel a little intense or strange at times, but keep following and trusting your process. It is such an exciting (big) time, this post-shift shift. and also of moving into the unknown.

Powerful quote you shared as well. Yes! I hope to continue with some discussion here if others show interest as well.  

Great work Jeanne and I look forward to connecting with you more! 

Hi Axel, I'll keep you on the mailing list for the class and posted with how this group/work unfolds. Happy and excited that you are here. Blessings.

This book has made a tremendous impact on my life. I am continually looking at all of life from a different perspective. I will be reading The Mastery of Love next, just as soon as I finish with The Shadow Effect, written my Deepak Chopra  Debbie Ford, and Marianne Williamson. So far it goes hand in hand with The Four Agreements in so many ways. I'm looking forward to getting to know you, Alexa :)

Alexa, I am very interested in joining this class.  Am I too late?  I have been traveling and moving and unable to keep up with awakened journey.  However, now  I am a little more settled.  I am somewhat acquainted with toltec wisdom but have not read the 4 agreements.  How will the class proceed?  

Hi Susan, no, not too late. I will send out the course info when everything is ready. thank you for your interest. and yay. I will keep you on the future-course mailing list.





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