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Right now am here expressing myself in a space of comfort because I feel safe being a part of this community and sharing my heart at this time, on several topics that have impacted my heart, mind and spirit over the weekend and today.

On the one hand, am processing all the emotions and thoughts activated in surviving a tremendous rain storm ---- which has left thousands, including a dozen or so on my own street, all around our state of TN, reeling from a sense of massive loss, launching all kinds of rockets of desires for healing and recovery.

In the midst of this - an innocent inquiry into the whereabouts of someone I care for - was taken totally out of context, leaving my heart and mind filled with more questions than answered, as I was accused and judged of something that is currently being shrouded in mystery, without the opportunity to sort it out. 

The dance to all of this is giving myself permission to acknowledge and accept "all" my feelings and thoughts about these two circumstances while they are passing through my energy fields and physical body - without attachment to create any egoic stories around them.

The phrase, this too shall pass comes to mind and yes in a lot of ways, I get that, yes, this too will pass, yet in moments over the last several days, in the midst of experiencing these emotions and thoughts pouring forth - there has been moments that are totally sucky and isolating - challenging my mind to go higher, to connect to my heart beyond the bumps and bruises, beyond the surprises, beyond the egoic stance of wanting to survive no matter what.

I am inspired that in the middle of disasters, how are all kinds of earth angels, from all corners,  choose to stop, drop and quickly gather together, putting systems in place that will help hundreds of lives hit broadside by mother nature, especially since there exists in the air a surreal aspect to all of this. 

Cosmically feels like old dross, old ideas, old beliefs, being purged from the gold - and the heat of that purging is sifting off all kinds of stuff no longer necessary or serving our soul's evolution.

Yet - what does that matter to someone who's reeling with sudden homelessness, vehicle or job loss? or to someone who watched a friend or loved one get swallowed by fast moving torrential rains in an attempt to get to dry land?

What reality would feel most inspiring?  to have a stranger heart-fully reach forth and help without condition or obligation when the world appears to have pulled the rug out from underneath you.

That's the strength that pours forth from the human spirit - when we do for the least of them, we do for us as well (Divine Love in action)

Blessings of appreciation to all hearts and minds who love their neighbor as themselves, for the highest good of all that is.

You are the gold that shines forth through the cosmic dross being sifted through!


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hi Valerie. It's so important, so important, to express our feelings during times of crisis. We are human and we go through all the human emotions that these challenging circumstances bring. And we need connection and support! and sometimes just a quiet heart to hold and hear us.

Glad you felt safe enough here to write. I hope you get word on your friend soon, and am thinking of you so much today.

It's so easy to say "well these events are to bring us closer together," etc, but still, what does one do to make it through the aftermath of such losses and the feelings of having our security pulled out from under us.

To the people suriving the floods, and mostly to YOU, I send my thoughts, my love and friendship. And hopes that somehow you will have everything you need taken care of swiftly and receive so many blessings to help with the loving recovery from this.

Is your home ok?

love light blessings and connection to Source's divine care and guidance
love alexa
Dear Alexa,

Thanks for you loving response. Our house is ok - while across my street - neighbors are going through their personal recovery, one day at a time :) Things are moving towards a "new" space to spring from, for many.

It is totally inspiring to see how much active love is being offered throughout TN - it's calming to see local gov officials and public service hat wearers, jump into handling things in a very organized fashion, since none of us truly have control over circumstances outside our minds and hearts.

Re: the missing friend. She let me know that she no longer wants to be friends, without giving me clarity on why. I don't really know where to go with that except - let it be.

Interesting all the metaphors re: what is being flooded over, cleaned out, cleared, etc, in my life.

The question of "If I/we attract certain circumstances to learn or expand or grow from...

then - in looking at this circumstance overall, arrived to the conclusion that I invested way more emotional energy into the equation, as it was my own naive perception around us being closer than we are.

it's another valuable lesson around loving people as is, yet simply be more discerning as to who qualifies in being a "true or real" friend; as people come and go in our lives for a multitude of reasons.

Getting emotionally naked here, am realizing I simply thought and felt more highly of the two - then they thought of me, which in turn, triggered my inner child with experiencing a sense of feeling wrongly accused and dismissed without cause. The pain I was processing felt more teenager energy, if that makes sense.

She wanted soothing, acknowledgment, understanding, so in processing this from that space of age appropriate trigger, I was able to look at it with my grownup woman and mom hats on :)

This reality I have in my life: Real friends work things out. Real friends give one another the benefit of the doubt, and if there is a mis-understanding, will seek clarity and understanding. Real friends talk heart to heart, even when things get heated or uncomfortable - even if they find they have to take a breather for a space.

In my healing journey, there have been times I've gotten triggered by an appearance of a matter, made stuff up then went into flight or fight mode - without allowing myself to gain clarity and insight about the bigger picture, thus burning bridges that may have provided some incredible breakthoughs had I stayed in the midst of them.

Then there have been times, when the triggers came to get my attn - as flags of insight - helping me to see that there are relationships I've held onto that simply are not worthy of keeping, especially ones that activate confusion and drama, physical violence or energy drains.

Cosmically it all seems to sort itself out no matter what! :)

So...although the reason behind the estranged circumstance may always remain a mystery, what I can trust is my own integrity in the matter, to thine own self be true - so to speak.

Since it came up to take a look at, am choosing to take care of what I can control and bless and release what I cannot, as it's given me tremendous insight into what kind of relationships I want to emotionally invest in and grow these days.

Dear Alexa - thanks for having this space be a haven of peace - to connect with, to express as is our hearts and minds, no matter what!

Much Divine Peace and Grace and Love to you, for all that you are and all that you give to others!

I am honored to call you friend and to have yours as well.
Hi Val. Well I am glad to hear your home is ok (though sorry to hear some neighbors and so many others still have so much to deal with) and that you are getting things sorted re that "friend." It's all part of the shift. I know for myself, my "new" friends, and the older ones that have survived the shifts in the recent years, and the inner work that so many of us have done for our clearing and authenticity, are so much stronger and fulfilling now. Frankly, when "friends" don't work on themselves, and can't be authentic for whatever reason, though many still use that buzzword who really don't walk the walk themselves and haven't done the work, it's hard to maintain with those of us that are. I don't mean to sound like one is 'better' than the other. But it's time for real and whole and balanced (and as you allude) mutual relationships, esp for those authentically on the path. and I so get that.

For now, keeping you all TN-ians in my thoughts as your recovery there continues. I really feel for the people who have lost homes, etc., though I trust too that things will work out in the longrun. Keeping the good thoughts flowing. Love Alexa
and btw, I also understand how our old wounding gets triggered even when we understand the bigger picture of it. I also have a friend of many years who's paths have parted, and though it is in part my choice, it is b/c she has been unable to connect and support me with my own path, though she has always called on me when she needed something. It still triggers me somewhat also, that is my issue (mother) when one cannot reciprocate the care and understanding. It is helpful to again shift my focus onto what is and does serve my higher path and happiness too. that mutuality is so important to me now. peace and hugs today. :) xo
Thanks Alexa,

For being on a very similar page. In the process of letting go - parts of myself inside feel like there's an "owie", that desires soothing.

And, as uncomfortable as it can be to part with people you feel connected with, for however long - not feeling listened to, or heard feels disruptive and dis-connective. being accused of something you know you did not do feels like a betrayal to the love that flows from the higher angels of our natures.

There does float about somewhat of a disposable mental aspect in our culture these days - a disconnection to really listening and/or hearing someone's individual rhythm and dance, to honoring their diversity, to giving them the benefit of the doubt - unless there is a recurring pattern.

To be truly listened to - is healing and feels wholesome and present to all.. To seek understanding about a matter, without judgment or autopilot re-action, is healing and feels whole and complete

These things I know and have experienced both as a giver and receiver - so they are part of my cosmic design that I will continue to draw from in transitions between old relationships dropping off, and new ones coming in.

No matter what comes up in daily lives, contrast like this does provide clarity on what I will or will not put up with these days; as well as knowing what kinds of relationships I choose to emotionally invest my time and energy.

p.s. - sounds like U and I have the same mom, LOL.

namaste blessed soul :)






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