<>You Might As Well Get Happy<>

That's right, you might as well get Happy, Christmas, will soon be here and we must remember the reason we celebrate that day, pass that on to the children.
For the days ahead of buying a gift one day should be enough with your list. Then start to make other plans for you and the family.... A drive to look at the lights is a great adventure for the family, we usually take two cars, and that is fun to load up and then a trip for ice cream and home we go and it seems to work.

There's very little you'll do that will turn out badly right now. Should you take advantage of this fact? Absolutely. Start early with the house, Tackle everything you've been putting off with renewed zest. Set your pace, and plan ahead for the things that all of you can do,

No one ever needs the true source of your inspiration. Milk it for all it's worth.
(Planning is a Good Thing)

Do you have a few tips for keeping your cost down and still have a great time?

Nancy Anderson

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Love the manicure idea Marianne...makes me think I should pamper myself and go out and have one done. I've never had one done before, always did it myself!!

Sarah Sunny said:
Love your Sadie Lou photos...and what a beautiful family you have. O.K today is the first of Dec. I have sprayed myself with my favorite scent...down to the basement I go, to pick my two Christmas Ornaments of the Day to unpack & put out...my son will put out two when he gets home from school!! (It's always so much for fun putting them out, then putting away!)

Nancy Anderson said:
The pictures are GREAT, Kitty Cat and you should be Movie stars, but I don't thing "Macy" in New York would buy into the gift wrap,,,But I would and I'm going to...I have used The bright colored funny papers also..
I'll add my story,to your favorite song.. OK.

A long time ago in 1968 (I think it was that year) but, when the Movie came out, My Husband who is a C.P.A. working for a firm in Oklahoma City, was what they called a counter...he had to stand where the People came in to see the Movie and had a hand counter to keep track of the attendance and to see if the Tickets balanced...this went on for weeks and weeks all over the USA, He heard the song so much I'm so afraid to play it again...lol..

If you go to my page you can see my Sadie Lou on Jack's desk doing taxes work for her supper..

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