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I'm a member here and elsewhere and something struck me. Activity across the board seems to have gone 'quiet'. Both in terms of content but also in terms of communication from a broad spectrum of friendships that had arisen over a period of years. Many friends seem to have receded back from whence they came; and given we now post date the 'shift' - I find this puzzling.
I include myself in this for I have also become quiet. However cannot discern any particular reason for it to be thus.
Thoughts and feelings anyone?

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I feel and experience the same. Its like nothing is permanent. Life is a journey. We meet many a people on the way. We support one another and keep moving without holding on to the experiences.

Its like the contact theory, We are intellectually able to surf the net and form acquaintances, but without physical connection and proximity our minds diminishes the value of the relationship and it does not nurture us as it should.  Therefore we become complacent. 

 Has anyone pondered the possibility that being divided into 33 groups might be a problem? To some it may signify growth and vitality, does it not warrant a healthy discussion?

Hello! Ramesh M Shani, Sheila and dean meason...

I have not visited this site for some time, I just sort of 'fell off' for no apparent reason. I always felt such a warmness from Alexa, though actually, didn't have much communication with many others. Perhaps its because I am so far away and on a different time zone, its hard to chat with sleeping people. 

This was one of the very first Ning sites I joined way back when.... Coming back to this site tonight feels like coming home... and having a soft place to land. 


Life is all about coming home.

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