Stating our Intentions out loud is powerful. 



Here is a space for those who want to live out loud and claim it. 


My Intent is....

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My Intent for Today is to love and be the peace I wish to see in the world.
I love it!, J.G. So glad you are joining in today!

My Intent is to be Living Wellness.
My Intent last week was to Shine On! and I'm still enjoyin' it.

My Intent today is to be filled with gratitude, relaxation, simplicity and ease, and enjoy every single moment of my day.

Have a great day.
I intend to start each day with a smile, and to end each day with a smile. That way, whatever happens inbetween is the filling of a smile sandwich! :D
These are great.

My Intent is to move mindfully throughout my day, staying peaceful and present in each moment.
I intend to enjoy today - I want to have some fun! :D
My intent is to be patient, loving, and present for my boys! Oh and to clean and not procrastinated!

Thank you!!!!!!
My intent is to keep the faith today, and to be kind to my self and my body.
My intent (again) is to keep the faith today, and to be kind to my self and my body.

And to keep enjoying my daily spiritual practice. It is becoming a real foundation and my re-connection again and again with Source. namaste
My Intent is ...

To lead the way ... to extend my hand ... to Shine Light into the Darkness ...

To express my Hearts Colourful Radiance ... to activate and illuminate

To appreciate Life's Colourful Dance

Universal Joy in Unity
My intent today is to focus on loving myself, pampering me, then going over and helping my neighbor with her yard work.
Today my intent is to seek comfort in the NOW. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow not arrived...Now is all that matters.

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