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Welcome to Awakened Journey

We are the artists of our lives!  And we are a group of practitioners, healers, teachers, students, artists, empaths, shamanics, sensitives, seekers, lightworkers, dharma fairers, and all around spiritual creatives who are walking a path of personal and planetary transformation, awakening, healing, wellbeing, and who are called to experience the freedom to be and enjoy the truth of who we are, on many levels.

This site is offered in the spirit of sharing in wellbeing, support and inspiration on the path to greater personal freedom, expanding awakened consciousness, and towards a healed and recovered New Earth for all living beings one day at a time. We respect and support all paths, each other and the power of coming together with like-hearted others with the common intention of sharing greater awareness and conscious community on the journey of life.

This is a space where you can share, play, inspire, and work on your goals at your own pace and in your own way with others who are doing the same.

The Invitation:

Add energy and power to your goals by participating firsthand in your own consciously evolving journey.
When we join with others on the path we magnify our energy, joy, creative power and progress by a magnitude.
Besides ... It's alot more fun!
 Awakened Journey

providing a supportive forum where you can:

** join a free and nurturing growing global online gcommunity of people who love life and believe in cocreating a more healthy loving life and world

** start by designing your own member's page and defining your current life focus or intent

** join groups, create blogs, share whatever inspires and empowers your path and your world

  ** work and play at your own pace 24/7 anytime of day

** share anything in your heart and mind.

 New to blogging? It's a great way to:

 ** share and inspire others with what you are doing in the world, express your authentic self, break free from old worn-out limiting comfort zones, dare, stretch, grow, focus intent and power with gratitude journals, or share your goals and practices outloud and then track your own journey and process, create digital vision boards - a powerful way to manifest your dreams and invite cocreativity with the universe, share experiences as students on the path, celebrate your progress, share your story, inspire and be inspired, share what you are doing to make the world a better or more authentic place, talk about what you're learning, release and heal, add whatever you feel to inspire True Self in yourself or others

Create your own Groups, Share Videos and Photos, Follow your Soul

You can set your groups and posts to public or private with easy setting options. All groups are open to any member of Awakened Journey. simply click the "join" button after you have enrolled and jump right in!

 ** you can also explore our archives... there's alot of information on site ranging from personal recovery to spiritual healing and awakening topics. Just look up your favorite topic in our Search bar and find what you are looking for to support your path
** create, grow, have fun ~ share posts on FB or Twitter with easy one-click twitter/FB sharing
We are wishing you power, joy and success on your path. And loving you very much!
A Special Note to Empaths:
If you are highly Sensitive/Intuitive/Empathic person, welcome!
Awakened Journey specializes in understanding, serving and celebrating the gifts of the deeper feeling/knowing soul. Empaths experience more awareness and knowing in the world, and with that some extra challenges as well. Keeping our sensitive bodies and more importantly our more sensitized nervous systems calm clear and healthy takes a bit more self care and practice for us. Reminders to care for ourselves in each moment is key and so important , and we love to share reminders and experiences with our practices here - like honoring sacred time or daily meditation, supporting our bodies/minds with regular exercise like gentle yoga or Qigong, and we definitely require connection and community with other deep and powerfully gentle souls. Of course we are an empassioned bunch of folks (angels) as well, aren't we?  And others can sometimes sense or perceive our passion in the world as more intense. We not only understand that but also celebrate our tender power and fierce passion here. And we support other empaths in learning to evolve and utilize their gifts and strength in ways that open us to a freer, more mastered and deeply happy creative purposefilled life. This is the real gift of the highly Sensitive (intuitive) soul. And we look forward to sharing ways into expanding your experiences of personal joy, awareness and wellbeing.
Share your experiences with us! 
If you are wondering or sense that you are an empath, or if you already know that you are, you might like this article: 
*It's a good place to start *
To all friends on the Spiritual Path
We welcome you to a global circle of kindred spirits. Warriors dedicated to living with greater spiritual awareness and dedicated deeply to the conscious evolution of our beautiful mother-planet and world.
We look forward to hearing and learning about you and your experiences too.
Welcome and Namaste

Unlock your Spirit and Potential - How you do it is always up to you

We're glad you're here

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dear sister hello its me i have been pretty busy with one thing and another what with bad weather conditions work commitments one son moving out the other moving in so to speak my other half being poorly so now i am starting to feel a bit frazzled so getting your email made me smile i am startting the weekend with some all girls time and some self pampering so that is something to look forward to. I look forward to the better weather so i can get out and spend some time with mother nature I hope you and your loved ones are well life always seems that little bit more special visiting your site dear alexa it sure is good to share some friends time hope to catch up some more real soon happy valentines day dear sis love ou

"you make me smile"

Hi Bridge, well, you make me smile too. Thanks for the update. You keep taking care and getting in that nurturing time too, ok? I'm doing my darndest to do the same!!

President Obama is flying into my home town today, so gonna try to catch a glimpse of his Air Plane as he flies over my house. lol! He's signing the new US economy stimulous package here, and will also be touring a solar-panel (solar energy) possibility, solar energy made by a company called "Namaste." I think it's so cool to finally see a company with a name like "Namaste" getting some commercial attention. Pretty amazing times to be witnessing these shifts, albeit it is a little bumpy along the way.

Take care, Bridge.
big hugs and until next time, thank you for being a friend. love alexa

Welcome New Members! We're glad you're here.
Thanks so much for the invitation to join this site. It's a pleasure to be here. I'm looking forward to posting and also getting to know the wonderful people here.

Marianne (feeling terrific)

A huge 'Hello' and welcome to the new people we are blessed with. 'New people are just good friends we have recently met'. I also want to mention that you have brought some wonderful energy here and I really appreciate it.

Big (((((((((((((Hugs)))))))))) to everyone.

Just a quick note to say another "welcome" to new members. This site is a true Godsend.

Marianne (grateful)
I am new to here, I just joined today!

Hi Johnny B. A big warm Welcome to You! I hope you enjoy the Site!!


awakened-journey.com is an online global community creating personal freedom and conscious wellbeing for ourselves and our world



 May we be at peace
May our hearts stay open
May we remember the light of our own true nature
May we and all beings be completely healed

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