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conscious wellbeing for ourselves & our world

Awakened recovery is a great idea, from a beautiful lady whose life story is a powerful example for every human being who suffer in any way and want to stand over his or her pains to become healthy soul and body wise and are ready to help others achieve liberation from whatever is the cause of their pain.
Awakened recovery is the voice of a beautiful human being ready to encourage us to go beyond pain and limitations and into the realms of achievement in every way of life.
Sometimes we let circumstances to dominate our lives. Awakened Recovery is exactly that. the awakening of our consciousness that humans are more and are able to be over circumstances and become life examples of enlightened achievement.
Jose Damaso Ramon

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Beautiful words Jose and very true. Thankyou for expressing what many of us believe.

'There is no order of difficulty in miracles'.

A course in miracles.

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