Purpose: To concentrate your power


1. Stand in front of a large mirror at a time when you
will not be disturbed by anyone else.

2. Breathe and relax as you begin to stare at yourself
in the mirror.

3. Gaze into your eyes and allow your mind to become
quieter. Let all judgments about yourself fall away.

4. Just concentrate on your eyes.

5. Don't freak out if the face you are looking at starts
to change and morph into other faces. Some people say
this is you seeing your face from other lifetimes. Some
think that you could be getting psychic impressions.
Others just think it's just something that the mind does
rather like seeing patterns or faces in clouds. Be curious
and just observe.

6. Watch the movements of your thoughts and compare
with the stillness of that YOU in the mirror. If you like,
you can repeat an affirmation like, "I am powerful" or
"Peace, be still, and know that I am God."

7. Notice how powerful you would be if you could just
BE, like that mirror self, so silent, present and still.

8. Allow that sense of power and stillness to resonate deep
within you. That mirror self is YOU, the real you, not the
distorted self-image created by your thinking.


You are powerful beyond measure. Your consciousness
is vast. You have the slimmest idea of how huge your
potential is. It is much, much bigger than you have
even dreamed.... But you don't live like that. Instead, you
live shackled in some bonsai'd, distorted self-image.

Use this exercise to feel your true power. Sense the power
of your mind, of your awareness and presence. Look in
the mirror and observe your power.

Look in the mirror and accept yourself fully and completely.

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great exercise, thank you for sharing.

Hi. I am new to this site. I have been doing a similar exercise for years. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed this.

Great to have you with us Michelle! Enjoy and have fun. Namaste
Thanks Paul this is such an eye-opening experience. It brings up so much which is good, if we can see it in the mirror we can change it...Blessings to you and yours!

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