EFT to begin the day.

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That's Right Sarah,

Blame it on those insufferable men-os. :)

Sarah Sunny said:
Thanking you for posting this...I've read a little bit on EFT. I believe it probably works. Lately I seem better able to retain info if I apply action with it. Children learn quicker with action as well. It must be the 'Pause" reaction in my men-o!
Thanks much Alexa and Brad,

I can see tapping 2 or 3 times per day as preventive maintenance while issues are resolved. I downloaded a longer one last week which allows/creates remote healing. That, I have no doubt, would be a good one for all of us to practice daily as well.

Blessings X 10,

I agree Ed. I have found that EFT is wonderfully effective in the moment. You can get great, quick results in changing your MO. However, the deeper issues of course take deeper work.
But I just love EFT for calming, shifting and it can also bring you some wonderful awareness as you do it. It's amazing how these channels and points do interconnect. It does release blocks and guide you to better and better innerscapes. That's my experience with it.
I loved this simple starter, esp good for a monday morning, wouldn't you say? and it's sooo easy!

Blessings to you also. also x10!

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