Celebrating feels goooood! Isn't that what life is all about? What are YOU celebrating today???

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My husband's job!!!
The unconditional support of my wife.
I am celebrating everything I have today. Life n everything hat comes as a package along with it. :)
I'm celebrating the love I am feeling in my heart as all of you new members are arriving. It's wonderful to have you all on board.
I am celebrating the beautiful fuscia sunset I watched over the mountains tonight.
I am celebrating crispy cool weather & falling leaves.
I took Missy( my greyhound) for a long walk tonite &
I celebrate the fact that she teaches me daily to live in the now!
I'm celebratng I can go back to bed for a little while this Sunday morning.
I'm relishing the quiet time I have at work this morning before all my co-workers arrive.
Today, I'm celebrating that it's Saturday!
Today I am celebrating that I have found a "I will never leave you " friend.
How comforting.
How loving.
How rare!
Hi you all! I was encouraged to write about any topic and I chose to talk you about my city. We are in spring season at south hemisphere and it feels too fine. Today as last days I could enjoying my city having several walkings and it makes me always fall in love with B. A.. We have a mix, a historicaleuropean structure and many too young creations as young as only America can be.
b.A. IS simply magical. You can walk and walk its streets and night surprise you walking again. This is the city of the all night opened book shops and all night opened cafés. We have beautiful violet and lilac trees everywhere, the spanish name is "jacarandá", they cover the ground with a lilac carpet and you softly walk on it.
I celebrate this city!!
I can refer you best places if you are going to visit us or just wanting to know. Be happy!!


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